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Nike Launches Nike+ Move App for Apple iPhone 5S

First unveiled at” target=”_blank”>Apple’s September 10th iPhone 5s event, the Nike+ Move App is now available for download. The free fitness app is the first of its kind to take advantage of the iPhone 5s’ M7 coprocessor, which, like the Nike FuelBand, can track movement and consequently convert … READ MORE


Google Nexus 5 | Available Now

Here it is folks; the next big thing. Yes, it’s the new” target=”_blank”>LG-made” target=”_blank”>Google Nexus 5, which is officially putting to bed all the rumors, leaks, and speculation on its design and specs. Available now at lucky retail shops as well as the Google Play … READ MORE


LeBron James x Samsung – “Always On” Commercial | Featuring Galaxy Note 3 + Gear Smartwatch

A day after” target=”_blank”>Samsung announced one of” target=”_blank”>NBA’s biggest sponsorship deal (rumored to be worth around $100 million), the Korean consumer electronics giant wasted no time in its marketing blitz during last night’s NBA season openers, including a two-minute long TV sport featuring” target=”_blank”>Miami … READ MORE


LG G Flex Curved Smartphone

We don’t think Apple can take” target=”_blank”>LG to task for stealing their phone design with the launch of the first ever vertically curved smartphone, the G Flex. The new gadget comes with a curved 6-inch, 720p OLED display that – unlike the” target=”_blank”>Samsung Galaxy Round, … READ MORE


Motorola Project Ara – Open Hardware Smartphone Concept

For the engineer in all of us, you’ll probably love this new project led by” target=”_blank”>Motorola’s advanced technology and projects group called “Project Ara.” Essentially, the group is working to create the first free, open hardware platform that allows individuals to create their own custom smartphones … READ MORE


Apple iPad Air – “Pencil” Commercial | Voiced by “Breaking Bad” Bryan Cranston

No doubt the portrayal of Walter White on the hit television drama” target=”_blank”>Breaking Bad was a once-in-a-lifetime role for actor” target=”_blank”>Bryan Cranston. After the series ended last month, many have asked the” target=”_blank”>Emmy-winning Cranston what he will do as a follow-up. The answer came … READ MORE


Nokia Lumia 1520 – Officially Unveiled

The”>Nokia Lumia 1520 is the amalgamation of our indispensable electronics: the mobile phone and the tablet. Endearingly referred to as the “phablet”, the”>Nokia Lumia 1520 is the pudgy-handed’s answer to frequent typos and”>embarrassingly awkward autocorrections. Encased in polycarbonate and dipped in either red, white, … READ MORE


Apple iPad Air – “Thinner, Lighter, More Powerful Than Ever Before…” | Officially Unveiled

As usual, with a cliffhanger finish,” target=”_blank”>Apple CEO” target=”_blank”>Tim Cook and Phil Schiller, the company’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, presented the successor to the” target=”_blank”>Apple iPad, the new” target=”_blank”>Apple iPad Air. In a quote heard around the blogsphere,” target=”_blank”>Gizmodo proclaimed … READ MORE


HTC One Max” target=”_blank”>HTC has scaled up its flagship One with the super-sized HTC One Max, highlighted by a 5.9-inch, full-HD 1080p display that makes it even larger than the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which packs a 5.7-inch screen. The device stands at a full 6.5 inches tall by 3.3 inches … READ MORE


Nike+ FuelBand SE – New Colors, Features, and App

In order to address the competitions within the ever crowded field of personal fitness technology,” target=”_blank”>Nike and” target=”_blank”>Nike+ officially unveiled their new” target=”_blank”>Nike+ FuelBand SE during an athlete-studded event in New York City. Designed upon the original Nike+ FuelBand, which launched in 2012, the … READ MORE


Samsung Galaxy Round – World’s First Smartphone With a Curved Display” target=”_blank”>Samsung has taken the wraps off the Galaxy Round, the world’s first smartphone with a curved display. While the device uses Samsung’s flexible screen technology, the phone itself doesn’t actually flex or bend. Rather, the 5.7-inch Super AMOLED screen is built with a slight curve to offer … READ MORE