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Incase – Tinted Pro Snap Case for iPhone 5S

And so goes a typical Friday night: 1 beer, good; +4 beers, drunk calls to the ex; +8 beers– a big, ugly crack in your recently purchased”>iPhone 5S. Damn. Never fear because”>Incase has got you covered. Releasing its”>Tinted Pro Snap Case, the durable hardshell construction … READ MORE


Apple To Announce New iPads, OS X Mavericks, and Mac Pro on October 22nd

Invitations are making their way for a special” target=”_blank”>Apple event in two weeks and there is fervor of speculations on what Tim Cook & Company will unveil at the company’s Cupertino headquarters. Since it is a tradition now to push some of your best products just … READ MORE


Susan Bennett – The Original Voice Behind Apple Siri

If you’re an” target=”_blank”>Apple iPhone user (specifically, the 4s and later), chances are you’ve asked Susan Bennett countless questions, ranging from the location of the closest gas station to which baseball player holds the single season home run record. That’s because — as Ms. Bennett herself … READ MORE


Vertu Unveils Constellation Premium Mobile Phone”>Vertu unveils its brand-spanking new Constellation Android in luscious dark brown, orange, black, light brown, and cherry. Crafted out of the largest piece of tough sapphire glass by any phone maker, a layer of durable calf leather wrapping, and a Grade 5 titanium body, the”>Vertu Constellation is a veritable piece of art. … READ MORE


Apple iPhone 5C & 5S | Available Now

Just a friendly reminder that” target=”_blank”>Apple opened the “floodgate” to all early adopters and re-sellers as the” target=”_blank”>iPhone 5C and” target=”_blank”>iPhone 5S go on sale earlier this morning. While not as transformative or revolutionary than previous iPhone versions, both editions still received accolades from … READ MORE


SHADOW – Community of Dreamers

The brain is a highly complex organ composed of neurons that generate electrical signals constantly, even while we sleep. And when we sleep, our minds are freed from the limits of reality. Sadly, once we wake up, 95% of those thoughts have faded and we are left with … READ MORE


BlackBerry Z30 – Officially Unveiled

In the face of increasingly dwindling market share, as well as reports that the company is “exploring strategic alternatives” (meaning the board is looking to sell off the company),” target=”_blank”>BlackBerry has announced the launch of the Z30, the successor to the brand’s all-touch Z10. Measuring 140.7mm … READ MORE


Apple iOS 7 | Available Now

Two days ahead of the launch of the” target=”_blank”>Apple iPhone 5s and” target=”_blank”>5c, the iOS 7 upgrade has been made available for download. Users can look forward to an entirely new look and feel, highlighted by revamped icons, typefaces and other visual elements. Stock apps … READ MORE


BURBERRY PRORSUM – Spring/Summer 2014 Womenswear Show Teaser | Shot On Apple iPhone 5S

Best known as an early adopter among the world’s luxury fashion houses,” target=”_blank”>BURBERRY PRORSUM is once again “a first” when it premiered the preview video for the upcoming” target=”_blank”>Spring/Summer 2014 Womenswear Runway Show – shot with a” target=”_blank”>Apple iPhone 5S. A visual collage of … READ MORE


Phonebloks – A Phone Worth Keeping

While everyone’s talking about the new features on the” target=”_blank”>iPhone 5S, the device’s impending arrival underlines a quandary for some users: drop at least $200 to upgrade one’s phone now, or wait for something better? If designer Dave Hakkens of the Netherlands has his way, consumers won’t … READ MORE


Apple Designed iPhone 5C Case

Unlike the understated cases” target=”_blank”>Apple has prepared for its new flagship” target=”_blank”>iPhone 5S, the cases for the” target=”_blank”>iPhone 5C feature a playful design and a rainbow of bright colors. The build uses soft-touch and a soft microfiber lining, with six available color options — … READ MORE