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2015 Yamaha XJR1300 Motorcycle

Yamaha‘s XJR1300 motorcycle is back, although, mostly in name only. In fact, the XJR1300 and the spirit of the brand’s Sports Heritage Range never really left us. After 20 years of evolution, the iconic machine is here with its signature slim, racer-style fuel tank, aluminium handlebars, and … READ MORE


Bienville Legacy Motorcycle

Say hello to the Bienville Legacy, a bike so beautiful it would stop your granddaddy’s granddaddy in his tracks. Founded by Jim Jacoby, the American Design and Master-Craft Initiative (ADMCi) launched this project with designer J.T. Nesbitt to bring back master craftsmanship in American motorcycles. Uniquely made … READ MORE


Stoc RR by Bill Webb

An industrial designer hailing from San Francisco, Bill Webb has transformed a Honda CBR1000RR into a retro-futuristic “café fighter,” all using mods that didn’t require a single weld. Webb took a donor 2009 Honda CBR1000RR, featuring what he calls “a beautifully engineered main frame” concealed by the fairings, with power … READ MORE


Magni Filo Rosso Racer

In a world full of loud Harley’s, gorilla bars, and crotch rockets, sometimes its good to see a vintage two wheeler on the road. Especially one, like this Filo Rosso Racer from the Magni factory, which packs enough power to embarrass pretty much anything built after the … READ MORE


Motoped “Survival Bike”

Motoped blurs the lines between mountain bike and motorcycle with their line of awesome hybrids. The “Survival Bike” is made for exactly what it’s named for. Whatever calamity comes your way (zombie apocalypse, alien invasion, humanoid robot takeover, Sharknado), it’ll have you prepped and ready for escape … READ MORE


Ducati Diavel Titanium – Limited Edition Motorcycle

It isn’t just a mere alteration in appearance, the Ducati Diavel Titanium limited edition motorcycle is the closest variation to the original intend of the Ducati Diavel – a high-tech design with performance attributes like a streetfighter. Clad in carbon fiber and titanium, with refined appointments such … READ MORE


Husqvarna 401 Motorcycle Concepts

Swedish motorcycle company Husqvarna unveiled two incredible ‘401’ road bike concept designs at the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan. Drawing inspiration from one of their own vintage 1955 designs, the two machines are made with upside-down WP forks, lightweight trellis frames and 17-inch wheels. The engine is … READ MORE


BMW R69S “Voltron” by ER Motorcycles

Most of us probably don’t know much about the country of Slovenia, but thanks to ER Motorcycles, we now know one of the country’s new exports is amazing, custom-built motorcycles. A prime example is this modified BMW R69S, dubbed “Voltron” and featuring an engine, front end and … READ MORE


BMW R80 by Diamond Atelier

Founded in 2013 by twentysomethings Tom Konecny and Pablo Steigleder, Diamond Atelier is a Munich-based custom bike shop that’s already gained some notoriety, thanks in part to this 1992 BMW R80RT. Very little of the original R80 is represented in the build. The 18″ spoked front wheel and floating brake discs … READ MORE


Magpul Ronin Motorcycle

Custom street bikes usually have a story to tell. Whether its about the designer himself, a cause, or an event, more than just the average amount of love and passion goes into it than normal production bikes. In the case of this American born-and-bred company, Magpul, their … READ MORE


2015 Ducati Scrambler

Ducati has unveiled the 2015 Scrambler, a new sport bike years in the making and designed specifically with the U.S. market in mind. The Scrambler represents the first new entry-level model on the part of the Italian manufacturer since it introduced the Monster in the early ’90s, featuring a “post-heritage” … READ MORE