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BOLT Electric Motorcycle Concept | By springtime

For those of who us who reside in Southern California, traffic and gas prices perpetually occupy the top rankings in our litany of everyday grievances. Sitting in our cars as they inch across the shimmering pavement of the 405, many of us daydream about zipping between the … READ MORE


Deus ex Machina – The Book of Deus: Version 2 | Video

Deus ex Machina (god from a machine) hails from Sydney, Australia, yet its following expands beyond the land Down Under. From Europe, America, and Indonesia, the Deus culture has spread like wildfire, touching the hearts of fun-loving individuals along the way. The lifestyle brand revolves around the … READ MORE


FACTOR BIKES x Aston Martin – One-77 Superbike

Aston Martin is set to expand its product line next month with the introduction of a limited edition superbike, the One-77. Based on the Factor001 by Factor Bikes, the Aston Martin-branded two-wheeler will feature the same “motorsport-derived data logging system,” providing over 100 channels of performance feedback … READ MORE

triumph-tridays-rumbler-custom-Triumph Tridays Rumbler Custom-jens vom-brauck-LSL-03

Triumph Tridays Rumbler Custom | By Jens vom Brauck & LSL

Billed as the world’s largest gathering of Triumph motorcycles enthusiasts, TRIDAYS 2012 will see several event exclusive and customs. One such will be the Triumph Tridays Rumbler by Jens vom Brauck & LSL, a throwback to the classic Triumph Scrambler. The process started with Jochen Schmitz-Linkweiler of … READ MORE


Fahrradi Farfalla FFX – Bicycle Powered Ferrari | Video

With the price of gas rising, the future of super cars may be different to what one may imagine. Fahrradi Farfalla FFX is a Ferrari-lookalike vehicle, purely powered by the driver. In German, Fahrradi means bicycle, and they have created an eco-friendly super car that does not … READ MORE


BMW F 800 R Predator Custom | By VILNER

Lavishly appointed in carbon fiber and chrome, tuners at Bulgaria-base VILNER took up the challenges set by one wealthy Russian oligarch and transformed the BMW F 800 R into the VILNER Predator. The requests were plenty and came at fast and furious pace from the client, who … READ MORE

brammo empulse electric motorcycle - 100 mph pure performance - 1

BRAMMO Empulse Electric Motorcycle | “100 MPH Pure Performance”

It may not look as futuristic as Znug Design’s electric motorcycle, but BRAMMO’s Empulse is definitely a part of what the future of the two-wheeled green revolution will look like. Featuring a 100 mile range and a posted top speed of 100 miles per hour, BRAMMO’s Empulse … READ MORE


Norton Motorcycles To Enter Isle of Man TT Race

In the midst of a brand revival, England’s Norton Motorcycles announced it will enter into the prestigious (and dangerous) Isle of Man TT race next month, where 130 mph is the average speed. The occasion will also be the inaugural of Norton’s new race bike, simply known … READ MORE


Audi Buys DUCATI For $1.1 Billion

For a time, it was the worst kept secret in the auto industry, but its finally official today when German luxury car maker Audi and its parent company Volkswagen announced the acquisition of Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A. Founded by Adriano and Marcello Ducati back in 1926, the … READ MORE


Audi To Buy DUCATI – Official Announcement To Come This Week | Rumor

It will be all smiles for executives at Audi as they present the luxury auto maker’s annual report to shareholders this week. Not only has the Volkswagen division broke a company record of 346,000 vehicles sold in one fiscal quarter during the last 3 months, the Four … READ MORE

akira - shotaro kanedas motorcycle comes to life - 0

Akira – Shotaro Kaneda’s Motorcycle Comes To Life

In Katsuhiro Otomo’s 1988 Japanese anime classic Akira, Shotaro Kaneda rides a very awesome, very custom motorcycle through what is now a classic post-apocalyptic world. Now the only officially recognized replica, built by Shinji Tejima from the Showa Studio over the course of seven years for approximately 10 … READ MORE