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The Coveteur featuring Pharrell Williams 00

The Coveteur featuring Pharrell Williams

We all know that”>Pharrell Williams is a sophisticated individual with a seemingly endless supply of creative energy, yet one must always get some inspiration from outside forces.”>The Coveteur caught up with Williams for their latest issue of Coveteurs in search of some answers. Instead of … READ MORE


Frank151 – “Jay Z As Fine Art” By Alex Reyes” target=”_blank”>Jay Z has lately become enamored with the art world, a preoccupation indicated by the unveiling of” target=”_blank”>the cover art for Magna Carta Holy Grail, and more recently, his bravura — or foolhardy, depending on your perspective — performance art piece for” target=”_blank”>”Picasso Baby” … READ MORE


John Galliano Possibly Returning to Oscar de la Renta | Rumor

Can you feel the magic in the air, ’cause we do. The synergy between acclaimed designers”>John Galliano and”>Oscar de la Renta that produced the”>Oscar de la Renta Fall 2013 ready-to-wear collection is rumored to transpire once again to the delight of fashion fiends everywhere. In the … READ MORE


Jay Z and Dame Dash Reunion in NYC

Conflict and confrontation are the narratives that typically drive the hip hop-related stories emerging from the 24-hour news cycle, but this grainy” target=”_blank”>Instagram photo displays a rare moment of reconciliation.” target=”_blank”>Jay Z and Dame Dash were spotted together last night grinning and shaking hands at … READ MORE


Harvard University – Nasir Jones Hip-Hop Fellowship Program

For many decades, hip-hop was considered an underground culture and art form; however,”>Harvard University has recognized Nasir Jones, better known by his stage name Nas, by welcoming the rapper into their scholarship program. The program is titled Nasir Jones Hip-Hop Fellowship; it aims to support and … READ MORE


Kevin Durant Signs with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Sports” target=”_blank”>Newly licensed as an agent for NBA and” target=”_blank”>MLB players,” target=”_blank”>Jay-Z and his” target=”_blank”>Roc Nation Sports agency have officially announced the signing of one of the most marketable names in the” target=”_blank”>NBA —” target=”_blank”>Oklahoma City Thunder forward” target=”_blank”>Kevin Durant. The … READ MORE


Nike Basketball – “Leave A Message” To Congratulate LeBron James | Video

In one of the most contentious and hard fought” target=”_blank”>NBA Championship in recent memories, the” target=”_blank”>Miami Heat came away with the team’s second straight championship earlier this evening, after a very close 95-88 Game 7 win against the” target=”_blank”>San Antonio Spurs. And for the … READ MORE


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West To Name Baby Girl “North West”? | Rumor

Hello world! Meet The KimYe Baby… Actually, according to” target=”_blank”>TMZ, new parents” target=”_blank”>Kim Kardashian and” target=”_blank”>Kanye West will be naming their baby girl “North West.” Sources at” target=”_blank”>Los Angeles Cedars-Sinai Hospital told the celebrity gossip site that the name “North West” appeared on … READ MORE


fuse – “Crate Diggers: Young Guru’s Vinyl Collection” | Video

If you are a fan of hip-hop music, there is a chance you have heard many hits engineered by the very talented Young Guru. Not only is he the go-to-guy for”>Jay-Z, he has worked extensively with the best rappers and R&B singers in the country.”>fuse … READ MORE


LRG – “Off The Record: Ski Beatz” | Video

In the latest episode of, Off The Record, video interview series from”>LRG, the camera and microphone is pointed towards the legendary producer and DJ,”>Ski Beatz. Hailing from North Carolina, Ski Beatz was speaks openly about his start in the hip-hop game when he was discovered … READ MORE


WeSC – “WeActivist Arto Saari: A Modern Retrospect!” – Part 2 | Video

The second installemnt of, WeActivist Arto Saari: A Modern Retrospect!, was uploaded by “>WeSC just the other day. In the”>Part 1 interview, Chris Pastras spoke to”>Arto Saari about his entry into the skateboarding scene, yet in this video they discuss about his latter years as … READ MORE