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fragment Hiroshi Fujiwara Book by Rizzoli Available Now 02

“fragment: Hiroshi Fujiwara” Book by Rizzoli | Available Now

Avid readers may remember our post that introduced the”>first official book on”>Hiroshi Fujiwara and his design company,”>fragment design, back in 2013. Published by acclaimed publisher”>Rizzoli, fragment: Hiroshi Fujiwara chronicles the achievement of Japan’s Godfather of street culture and Ura-Hara movement. From his friendship … READ MORE

DC - Defy Convention 20th Anniversary Book Preview 06

DC Shoes – “Defy Convention” 20th Anniversary Book | Preview

Evolving from a simple apparel company back in 1994, Droors Clothing has grown into an action sports powerhouse, currently known only as”>DC. This year marks the momentous 20th anniversary for the Californian brand, which calls for all types of celebration. To commemorate this amazing achievement, they … READ MORE


LEGO Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary – Updated and Expanded Edition

It isn’t just a Bible for those who love anything and everything relating to” target=”_blank”>Star Wars, the LEGO Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary also serves as a catalog to the entire” target=”_blank”>LEGO Star Wars Series right from the collaboration’s start in 1999. Now with the … READ MORE

Merrell - Branding Terror Book 00

Merrell – “Branding Terror” Book

Terrorist organizations are nothing to joke about, yet it seems they take their branding and public image more seriously than even an ordinary business would. Artur Beifuss and Francesco Trivini Bellini took the time to study the logotypes and iconography of the notorious insurgent groups of the … READ MORE

Dieter Rams - Less but Better Book 01

Dieter Rams – “Less but Better” Book”>Dieter Rams is a powerhouse when it comes to product design and refined aesthetics. Rams is one of the key designers of 20th century, who shaped the way products are designed, including having a heavy influence on Apple’s products and philosophies. German publication company”>Gestalten teamed up with the … READ MORE


Obscura Magazine – INFLUENCES: My Favourite Sports Brands

From editorial desk of” target=”_blank”>Obscura Magazine, INFLUENCES: My Favourite Sports Brands is an online memoir of one’s love for everything sneakers. Rather than a personal ode to just sneakers, writer/stylist Cheng Chi Lung penned a passionate narrative from the first issue of Runner’s World magazine and … READ MORE

Bluemasters Innovation in Denim Book by Menabo Group 01

“Bluemasters, Innovation in Denim” Book by Menabo Group

From its humble beginnings as durable workwear, the denim fabric has become the material of choice from casual wear to high fashion.”>Bluemasters, Innovation in Denim chronicles the history of denim, paying extra attention to key people and brands that elevate the iconic fabric. Written by Fabiana … READ MORE


How to Build an iPad Out of LEGO

A LEGO enthusiast since the age of four,” target=”_blank”>Warren Elsmore is now a recognized” target=”_blank”>LEGO artist and author. His first book, Brick City, feature instructions for neophyte LEGO modelers, as well as plans for constructing specific buildings and landmarks. An excerpt from the book details the … READ MORE


Supreme x Brooks Brothers – Seersucker Suit | Preview

For the upcoming issue of” target=”_blank”>i-D magazine, the fashion publication gets an exclusive first look at the anticipated” target=”_blank”>Supreme x Brooks Brothers collaboration. Penned by Paul Flynn with photos by” target=”_blank”>Letty Schmiterlow and longtime stylist Danny Reed, the column, titled This Is A Man’s … READ MORE


The Simpsons x Moleskine – Numbered Notebook with Homer Simpson

Ahead of” target=”_blank”>The Simpsons‘ 25th Anniversary,” target=”_blank”>Moleskine just released its fifth installment to” target=”_blank”>The Simpsons x Moleskine series. Limited to just 9,999 copies worldwide, the white cover lined notebook features a silver foil debossed image of Homer Simpson in his thinking mode (and holding … READ MORE


The Journal from Herschel Supply Co.

Always looking to add more depth and adventure to your life,” target=”_blank”>Herschel Supply Co. presents The Journal. Full of stories, striking photography, and interesting interviews that align with their outlook on fashion and lifestyle – which has always been up for a good time outdoors and … READ MORE