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Footwear News – Sneaker Influencers Speaking on the Industry” target=”_blank”>Footwear News recently rounded up a quintet of the most influential people in the sneaker community for a frank discussion on the current state of the industry. All hailing from New York, the heavy hitters in attendance were Ronnie Fieg, Vashtie Kola, DJ Clark Kent, Jeff Staple … READ MORE


The New Yorker – “Flipping Supreme” Article

Despite the brand’s growth over the past few years — including the opening of a London store and a sixth Japanese location —” target=”_blank”>Supreme’s place in the streetwear firmament has yet to falter. If anything, the New York-based skate-inspired fashion label is as popular as ever. … READ MORE

Beat Box A Drum Machine Obsession Book By Joe Mansfield 01

“Beat Box: A Drum Machine Obsession” Book By Joe Mansfield”>Get On Down Publishing will soon launch this fantastic book on all things drum machine. Joe Mansfield, the author of Beat Box: A Drum Machine Obsession and co-founder of Get On Down, has amassed 75 drum machines over his career as a music producer and industry veteran. … READ MORE

For The Record Book By Red Bull Music Academy 01

“For The Record” Book | By Red Bull Music Academy

Celebrating fifteen years of”>Red Bull Music Academy,”>Red Bull is acknowledging the milestone by producing a book with German publishing house,”>gestalten. The academy has become synonymous with progressive lectures, inviting the cream of the crop of musicians, producers, DJs, studio engineers, songwriters, and many others … READ MORE

RISK x Shepard Fairey x Buckshot Prints - Peace Justice Print 01

RISK x Shepard Fairey x Buckshot Prints – “Peace & Justice” Print”>RISK and”>Shepard Fairey collaborated on a huge outdoor mural at last year’s Miami Art Basel. The two artists got together again recently to reproduce their masterpiece in a scaled down version. In total, they hand-screened, painted, sprayed, and stenciled 40 pieces of this unique artwork on … READ MORE


Terry Richardson – Madonna Photo Session for Harper’s Bazaar November 2013 Issue

Back in the ’80s, a racy photo spread for a glossy magazine was just part of the job description for the material girl. Now, at the age of 55,” target=”_blank”>Madonna’s profile in the November issue of” target=”_blank”>Harper’s Bazaar is a testament to her incredible longevity. … READ MORE


“Blurred Lines” Model Emily Ratajkowski By Terry Richardson – GQ November 2013 Editorial

Under the banner “The girl who stole summer,”” target=”_blank”>Emily Ratajkowski (you’ll remember her as the one in” target=”_blank”>Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” video that you can’t take your eyes off) is the subject of a new photo shoot for″ target=”_blank”>GQ magazine’s November 2013 issue. The video vixen … READ MORE


Rapha – City Cycling Guides Books

The City Cycling Guide Books from”>Rapha make exploring Europe on two wheels evermore enticing. Especially created for travelers who indulge in a little pedal pushing but find language barriers to be the bane of their existence, these handy guide books keep cyclers in the know regarding … READ MORE


Beautiful LEGO by Mike Doyle

Beautiful LOGO is the title of a new book by Mike Doyle, one that perfectly distills what the reader finds in between the covers of the 280-page volume. Doyle himself is a graphic designer who’s an accomplished builder in his own right, and his piece “Odan” graces the … READ MORE


Iconic – A Photographic Tribute to Apple Innovation

Jonathan Zufi understood early on the impact that Apple and its technological and design innovation would have on our society. That’s why Zufi, who runs the” target=”_blank”>Shrine of Apple website, began collecting and photographing the brand’s wide range of products, including rare release all the way … READ MORE


Beyonce Releases 2014 Calendar

One of the casualties of the digital age is the paper calendar, but” target=”_blank”>Beyonce is giving us 12 compelling reasons to ditch Google Calendar and opt for good old-fashioned paper once again. The multi-platinum selling chanteuse has released her first ever calendar, available now for early … READ MORE