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XBOX One | Review

If you are a serious gamer, this review is probably not for you. For the most part, you probably know more about the XBOX One than any website within our category can tell you. But if you are the casual gamer with visual entertainment needs or currently … READ MORE


BlackBerry PlayBook – First Impression

I’ve been actively using the BlackBerry PlayBook since receiving an early unit after the Blackberry Playbook NY Launch Party last week. The unit along with the software are both currently in Beta, but all should be finalized once the new tablet enters the market tomorrow (there’s a … READ MORE


T-Mobile Sidekick 4G – Android Powered – Hands On

I can say I’m almost a T-Mobile Sidekick OG, I did not own the original black and white or color Sidekick 1st generation but I fell in love with Sidekick II once I discovered it. It was the first affordable semi-smart phone with an affordable data plan. … READ MORE


HP TouchSmart 600 Desktop PC | Review

In terms of jumping on the touch screen market, HP was one of the first end-product makers to jump on board the new technology. In fact, more than two years ago, they were the first to market a touch-based all-in-one PC. As such, given that HP has … READ MORE


Sony PIIQ – Giiq Headphones | Review

As previewed on Freshness Live, a package has landed in the Freshness office from Sony via American Pop. The package in question, unwraps to unveil the Giiq headphone from Sony’s new line of headphones, the PIIQ. A little quick background recap on the PIIQ, the new line … READ MORE


adidas Originals – Facebook Integration | Review

Something fun happened at adidas Originals recently that makes online shopping, or “window shopping” (pun intended) so much more informative, accessible and addicting. adidas Originals has integrated Facebook (enabled by Facebook Connect, which is a set of APIs for developers to bring connections and identity everywhere online … READ MORE