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Sports Lab by atmos – New Flagship Store in Shinjuku | By TORAFU Architects

While it has long maintain a large presence on the Internet,” target=”_blank”>atmos Tokyo’s Harajuku flagship store is actually no larger than a kiosk to a certain extent. That is about to change this August when the sneakers/sportswear retailer opens a new retail location in the neighborhood … READ MORE


PIGALLE – Pop-up Shop | Tokyo

Stephane Ashpool opened”>PIGALLE in the neighborhood of Pigalle, Paris, creating a store that offers a melting pot of brands from Asia, North America, and Europe. Since its inception, its popularity spread through word-of-mouth, resulting in Ashpool befriending renowned United Arrows buyer,”>Motofumi “Poggy” Kogi. There is … READ MORE


Carhartt WIP Ibiza Flagship Store

Ibiza may not be near huge metropolises, but the small town on the island attracts a vast amount of tourists through its summer season year after year. The newest flagship store to join the ranks at”>Carhartt WIP is this compact retail space in Ibiza. Its grand … READ MORE


mastermind JAPAN x adidas Originals x Isetan Shinjuku – Pop-up Shop | Tokyo

Marking its grand closing,”>mastermind JAPAN surprised fans by unveiling what will be their last capsule collection, the”>7 Days Exclusive Collection, with”>adidas Originals. In a way, its fans are rewarded until the final curtain call, as a rush of collaboration projects has been launched in … READ MORE


Aoyama 3D Salon – 3D Figure Printing Shop

Living in the 21st Century, many of us thought we would have been seeing flying cars already, yet it looks like we may not see them before we die. However, there is a new phenomenon taking over our lives, and that is the 3D printer. From industrial … READ MORE


Creme – Pusha T Opens Second Shop in Virginia

VA fashionistas have reason to celebrate once again as”>Pusha T, along with his business partner, Brock, opened up their second″>Creme shop in Norfolk. The store celebrated its opening this past Monday, and amongst the guests were fashion designer Delicia Cordon, stylist Emily Bustamante,”>Vashtie Kola, … READ MORE


MEDICOM TOY x Master-Piece – Pop-up Shop | Osaka

Osaka-based”>Master-Piece (MSPC) is well known as a manufacturer of high quality bags and accessories, taking pride in its Made-in-Japan products.”>MEDICOM TOY will be opening a pop-up shop on the second floor of their MSPC Product sort Osaka Flagship Store. Open for a limited time from … READ MORE


The VANS DQM General Sets To Open In Boston This July

When” target=”_blank”>VANS and New York-base retailer” target=”_blank”>DQM opened their first collaborative retail concept,” target=”_blank”>The VANS DQM General, in New York City’s trendy neighborhood of SoHo, many of us knew success was imminent. After all, you will be hard-pressed to find a complete range of … READ MORE


JUICE Taipei – A Fresh New Space | Grand Reopening

With much of the attention focused on their recent” target=”_blank”>Stussy Taipei venture in Taiwan,” target=”_blank”>CLOT’s Edison Chen and Kevin Poon moved onto the next objective on their “to-do” list, the renovation of″ target=”_blank”>JUICE Taipei. And after shuttering its doors for the last few months, … READ MORE


Kinoko Cycles – Flagship Store Opens

We”> reported on the restructure of Tokyo Fixed Gear’s retail store earlier this month. Tokyo Fixed Gear closed its doors for good, beginning a new chapter that started with a new name,”> Kinoko Cycles. Aimed at facilitating a wider audience of cyclists, instead of just fixed gear … READ MORE


BWGH – Paris Pop-Up Store Opens”>BWGH announced the opening of their first pop-up store in Paris. Although, this store will only be open for four and a half months initially; however, its success may trigger plans for more permanent venue for the label. The new space is located inside”>Les docks Cité … READ MORE