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Dosnoventa – “Headquarters Opening 2013″ | Video

Fixed gear bicycle enthusiasts at CREAM Bikes & Things in Barcelona established Dosnoventa back in 2010. The company slowly grew from being an unknown frame company to an internationally recognized brand in a short span of time. By traveling around the world, competing in events and making … READ MORE


GOODHOOD – New Life Store Opens

Outgrowing the need to offer contemporary menswear and womenswear from all over the world, London-based boutique GOODHOOD is stepping up their game by opening their latest venture. The fittingly titled new store, GOODHOOD Life Store, is packed with a number of products for your home and office. … READ MORE


mastermind JAPAN x Hide-Chan Ramen – Pop-Up Restaurant | Tokyo

As mastermind JAPAN is getting ready to wrap up its operations, the company will be treating us with one last pop-up restaurant in Tokyo. Slated as “MASTERMIND RAMEN”, the high-profile brand will once again collaborate with Hide-Chan Ramen, a popular ramen franchise in Japan. The two companies … READ MORE


FRANK151 – Pop-Up Shop | Tokyo

As a Far East representative of FRANK151 magazine in Japan, FRANK151 Japan is celebrating their second year in circulation. Just in time for the launch of their third issue, FRANK151 Japan is collaborating with BEAMS T for a pop-up shop in Harajuku. The month-long store will open … READ MORE


HEAD PORTER – Harajuku Store Redesign

This year marks the 15th anniversary of the brick-and-mortar store of the iconic Japanese bag brand, HEAD PORTER. It was under renovation for almost a month, refreshing its interior to keep the store attractive for many years to come. All three levels went under the transformation, resulting … READ MORE


HAVEN – “Land of the Rising Sun: HAVEN in Tokyo” | Video

Tokyo is the epitome of the ever-evolving city that never sleeps. From larger than life retail stores to niche back alley eateries, the capital city of Japan never ceases to amaze its visitors and inhabitants. Canadian select store, HAVEN, flew across the Pacific Ocean to indulge in … READ MORE


AETHER – New San Francisco Flagship Store | Video

Not your conventional brand, AETHER set out to establish its first ever stand-alone store in San Francisco with an unusual twist. Rather than leasing a shop space inside a building, the team and designer Thierry Gaugain designed a concept space with three 40-foot containers. The metal containers … READ MORE


Steve Powers – ESPO’s Creative Outlet

Graffiti writer turned artist and now a sign writer as well, Steve Powers a.k.a ESPO, is the proud owner of the newly opened ESPO’s Creative Outlet in New York City. The dual-purpose space serves as the workshop for Icy Signs early in the week, only to transform … READ MORE


COMME des GARçONS Unveiled Dover Street Market New York Location | Preview

Normally secretive, fashion label COMME des GARçONS did something quite uncharacteristic earlier today when it unveiled the location for its upcoming Dover Street Market New York. Well known for its penchant to open storefront in unconventional locations, designer Rei Kawakubo and executive Adrian Joffe picked a Gothic … READ MORE

nike-air-force -1- xxx-anniversary- the-pivot-point-pop-up-shop-tokyo-00

Nike Air Force 1 – XXX Anniversary – “The Pivot Point” Pop-Up Shop | Tokyo

For the month of December, Nike fans in Tokyo are being presented with a pop-up shop that celebrates the classic Air Force 1. Dubbed as The Pivot Point, this shop serves as a retail space for the current lineup of Air Force 1 sneakers and associated merchandise. … READ MORE


Dickies – 90th Anniversary Collaboration Collection

From its humble beginnings as a manufacturer of small bib overalls, Dickies has grown steadily over the course of its 90-year history, becoming a leading workwear company. Dickies Japan is celebrating this momentous occasion by releasing their 90th anniversary collection. They have managed to partner with Japan’s … READ MORE