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Stone Island 30 – Online Exhibition

Stone Island has launched an online counterpart to the Stone Island 30 exhibition, held last June at the Stazione Leopolda in Florence to celebrate the brand’s 30th anniversary. Visitors can navigate the site through two main pathways — Itinerary and Exhibition Map. The former is a virtual … READ MORE


Black Is Beautiful – A Visual Database of Black Markers | By Allister Lee

Black Is Beautiful is a website launched by Toronto-based artist, Allister Lee, who is passionate about drawing with a black marker. So much so, Lee is also an avid collector of black markers, both new and vintage, from all over the world. Artists and designers would appreciate … READ MORE


SWAG Magazine by Champs Sports

The term “Swag” has burrowed its way into our culture, language, and – to some – their identities. Describing one’s level of style or presence with a level of confidence and ease, Swag is more than an idea, its can be a way of life. But it is … READ MORE


Das Programm – Online Resource of Designs by Dieter Rams

There are specialized retail shops and then there is Das Programm, solely stocked with products by  renowned German industrial designer Dieter Rams. Known for his clean, simple, and functional designs for the electronics brand Braun and furniture company VitsÅ“, Das Programm is a living and ever-changing archive of … READ MORE


Nike SB 10th Anniversary Shoe Museum

The holidays are a common time for reflection and as Nike Skateboarding reaches its 10th Anniversary, it seems even they aren’t immune from a trip down memory lane. Recapping their work from 2002 to today, Nike SB has put together a yearly gallery showcasing each and every colorway, upgrade, … READ MORE


Instagram – Website Profile Launched

Two years feels like two decades on the internet, yet in that short time Instagram has become the fastest growing photo-sharing platform. Since the acquisition by Facebook last September, it was only a matter of time before Instagram took a similar aesthetic route as its big brother. … READ MORE


President Barack Obama’s Election Win Message – Most Retweeted in Twitter History and Most Liked on Facebook

With his win last evening, President Barack Obama once again made American history on several fronts. Not only was he the first African American to assume the office, but the first African American president to be re-elected for a second term. The President broke records on the … READ MORE


oki-ni – New Website Launch

Online retailer oki-ni has re-launched their site, creating a faster and more easily navigable shopping experience. In launching their new “space-age” site, oki-ni made the decision to get literal, sending key items from their inventory up into the stratosphere for a two-hour round-trip. Tethered to weather balloons … READ MORE


Google Crisis Response – Hurricane Sandy Interactive Map

If you’re one of 50 million or so people hunkered down because of Hurricane Sandy. You can follow the progression of it on an interactive map created by Google Crisis Response division. Though it is a Category 1 Hurricane, the designation is somewhat a misnomer. This is … READ MORE