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New Balance –

New Balance aficionados will no doubt hear the word “Flimby” and recognize straightaway that the name refers to the small town in Cumbria, England, that’s home to New Balance’s celebrated UK factory, known for its premium craftsmanship and high quality work. Just in time for the brand’s … READ MORE


Google Music

Google is finally unveiling its Google Music service which should be great news for Android users. It is said that 23 independent music labels, including EMI, Sony Music Entertainment, Universal, will be offering music to fill up a catalogue of 13 million songs. What is more, the … READ MORE

burton-girls-website-01 Launch

There are plenty of female snowboarders shredding the slopes around the globe, and Burton is dedicating a special section of their vast website just for the ladies. A new URL,, will now feature women’s products from Burton. The easy-to-navigate website showcases the latest in hardware such … READ MORE

burton snowboards history wall 1

Burton Snowboards: The History Wall

That Burton Snowboards is a company with deep design talent – both visual and technological – no one can question. However, it’s been increasingly clear in recent years that the company devotes a good deal of that talent towards creating interesting online content and experiences. Burton’s websites … READ MORE


Rocky Mountain Featherbed – Website Launched

The saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” could not be more fitting to a brand like Rocky Mountain Featherbed. You would be excused for thinking that this brand is an all American brand; that is actually far from the truth. Rocky Mountain Featherbed was established … READ MORE


Heather Grey Wall – Website + Online Store Launch

Heather Grey Wall, the new business venture from Japanese designer Kazuki Kuraishi, has expanded slightly in the last few days. It is almost customary now for a business to operate an online shop alongside a conventional retail store. Kuraishi is definitely taking advantage of his online fan … READ MORE


UNDERCOVER – Website Now Opens

Hardcore UNDERCOVER fans would have already checked out the latest UNDERCOVER website when it launched last Saturday. Just as their designs are unlike staple fashion brands out there, their website is very much an unique design which goes against convention. After logging into the site with a … READ MORE


UNDERCOVER – New Website Launch

It is safe to say that UNDERCOVER is one of the most prominent Japanese brands who have survived countless years without an official website, even surpassing COMME des GARçONS. Although designer Jun Takahashi is a familiar name on the blog and ZOZOTOWN launched their ZOZOVILLA with … READ MORE


Star Wars – New Website

Star Wars fans, you’ll be forgiven if you haven’t checked out lately, especially in light of the fact that the entire nine-disc Star Wars saga released last week on Blu-Ray, sales of which have already topped a staggering $84 million. So if you haven’t been on the … READ MORE


Kinfolk Studios – New Website

It started in 2008 when 4 friends from different cities wanted to create something suitable for their tastes. The outcome was Kinfolk Studios, multidisciplinary agency with several notable designs, including the hand crafted Kinfolk Bicycles.   With their new website up and running recently, a clearer insight … READ MORE


Twelve Bar – New Website

  Twelve Bar have just launched their brand new online store which is now the exclusive vendor for the brand.  At the new site you will find amazing new washes of their selvage denim, new graphic and classic logo tees, plus selected fleece and cut & sew … READ MORE