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Ant-Man Teaser Preview | Video

Following a first look at the upcoming Ant-Man film back in March 2014, Marvel has unveiled a teaser video that … well, doesn’t reveal a whole lot more, unless you have an extremely sharp eye. The ridiculously ant-sized 17-second clip is essentially a setup for the full … READ MORE


Salma Hayek Goes Crazy in “Everly” Trailer | Video

Not only does Salma Hayek look absolutely stunning at 48 years old but she’s a certified badass in the trailer for her new film Everly. The Joe Lynch-directed movie pays homage to Asian cinema and classic action films like Die Hard. Hayek plays a prostitute for the … READ MORE


Jackie Chan & John Cusack in “Dragon Blade” Trailer | Video

A trailer for Jackie Chan’s new “historical” film has recently made its way online and it didn’t take very long for it to go viral and explode on various social media outlets. Dragon Blade stars the legendary action star along with John Cusack and Adrien Brody in … READ MORE


Entourage Teaser Trailer | Video

Entourage ended its run on HBO in 2011, and just as the clouds of Axe Body Spray were finally beginning to dissipate, Vinnie Chase and the gang are back and ready to hit the big screen. Warner Bros. today unveiled the teaser trailer for the simply titled … READ MORE


Will Smith & Margot Robbie in “Focus” Trailer | Video

Will Smith brings back his masterful comic timing to his new film Focus, where he plays a skilled con artist who falls for a younger, less experienced novice played by Margot Robbie (can you blame him?). He begins to mentor her after she fails to lure him … READ MORE


Nicki Minaj – Beats by Dre Presents “The Pinkprint Movie”

Days after the release of her new album, Nicki Minaj, along with Beats by Dre, has debuted an accompanying film called The Pinkprint Movie. Without any dialogue, the 16-minute short plays out like one long continuous music video set to four songs from the album – “All … READ MORE


Final Fantasy XV – Jump Festa 2015 Trailer | Video

Final Fantasy XV inches closer and closer to being a reality with the release of yet another trailer, this time from Jump Festa 2015, the massive annual manga, anime and gaming convention hosted by Shueisha. This new video follows the debut of the first English language footage … READ MORE


American Sniper featuring Bradley Cooper – Official Trailer 2 | Video

Winner of the American Film Institute’s Movie of the Year award as well as two more prizes from the National Board of Review, American Sniper is a biographical account of Chris Kyle, a trained sniper assigned to United States Navy SEALs Team 3. Nicknamed by the Iraqi … READ MORE


Kendrick Lamar Performs New Song On “The Colbert Report”

The recently Grammy nominated (for his song “i“) Kendrick Lamar dropped by The Colbert Report to perform an unreleased song called “Untitled”. Set to a jazzy beat, it starts out slow, almost like spoken word, then moves into the hard-hitting style he’s known for. K-Dot’s flow is … READ MORE


Acura NSX | Teaser Video

After years of buildup — highlighted by a concept version unveiled in early 2013 — the all new production Acura NSX will make its official debut next month at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show. Acura has provided a quartet of images and an accompanying teaser video to ratchet … READ MORE


Marcelo Burlon County of Milan – Spring/Summer 2015 Video Lookbook

Founded in 2012, Marcelo Burlon County of Milan began as a simple T-shirt line, featuring a series of design motifs inspired by ’90s club culture and the Patagonia homeland of the brand’s namesake founder. Partnering with graphic designer Giorgio di Salvo, Burlon put out tees featuring a bird’s feathered wingspan and serpents … READ MORE