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terminator genisys official trailer video 00 160x160

Terminator: Genisys – Official Trailer | Video

If you thought you might see a 67 year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger launch himself out of a mid-flight helicopter in this movie, well, you thought correctly. After teasing us all week, the official full-length trailer for Terminator: Genisys has finally been released and we must say, it looks … READ MORE

nike kyrie irving signature nike kyrie 1 05 160x160

Nike Basketball Unveils First Signature Sneakers for Kyrie Irving

In its 42-year history, Nike only bestowed just over 30 professional athletes (19 of them basketball players) out of the thousands they sponsored, with their very own signature editions. If you worked out the statistics behind the numbers, that is less than 1% out of all the … READ MORE

dj earworm united state of pop 2014 mashup 00 160x160

DJ Earworm Mashup – United State of Pop 2014

If you think you’re too cool for pop music, stop lying to yourself. We know you’re all about that bass, ’bout that bass. Every December the very talented DJ Earworm mixes the best pop hits of the year into one epic mashup music video to remind us … READ MORE

psy gangnam style breaks youtube 00 160x160

PSY’s “Gangnam Style” Finally Broke YouTube

Whenever something goes viral people always like to joke about it “breaking the Internet”. This time it actually sort of happened. Remember “Gangnam Style”? Of course you do. The remarkably popular South Korean hit recently got so many views, it literally broke YouTube’s counter. A rep explained … READ MORE

terminator genisys teaser video 00 160x160

Terminator: Genisys – Teaser | Video

It’s happened again. We’re just gonna throw in the towel and accept that mini-trailers that precede the actual trailer are actually a thing now. After releasing an awesome motion poster yesterday, we’re treated today to a 15-second teaser for Terminator: Genisys and it looks pretty freaking bomb. … READ MORE

sony playstation 4 20th anniversary edition 05 160x160

Sony PlayStation 4 – 20th Anniversary Edition

Celebrating two decades in the console gaming biz, Sony is set to release a special 20th anniversary edition of the PlayStation 4, sporting the original grey color palette of the original. The global production run is limited to just 12,300 units (the number reflecting the launch date of the … READ MORE

pacsun grand prix collection 01 160x160

PacSun – “Grand Prix” Collection

Over this past weekend, retailer PacSun unveiled the “Grand Prix “ Collection, its most comprehensive collaborative project to date. Featuring seven pivotal and influential West Coast brands we’ve all grown accustom to: Diamond Supply Co., The Hundreds, Crooks & Castles, Been Trill, Black Scale, Grizzly and V/SUAL, … READ MORE

game of thrones telltale games iron from ice 00 160x160

Game of Thrones: A Telltale Game Series – “Iron From Ice” Launch Trailer | Video

Last month, we announced that Telltale Games (creators of those awesome Walking Dead games) would be releasing their very first Game of Thrones title, inspired by, and in conjunction with, the insanely popular HBO series. Episode 1: Iron From Ice premieres for PC, Mac and PlayStation 4 … READ MORE

kanye west world aids day times square 00 160x160

Kanye West Performs In Times Square For World AIDS Day | Video

New York City takes the crown for free concerts in 2014. Back in September, Jay Z headlined the epic Global Citizen Festival and yesterday Kanye took a turn in performing for a good cause in Times Square for World AIDS Day, which is dedicated to raising awareness … READ MORE

lego star wars vii the force awakens fan made trailers 03 160x160

LEGO x Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Fan-Made Teaser Trailers

In the instant when director J.J. Abrams and Lucasfilm released the teaser for Star Wars: The Force Awakens (aka Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens) on Black Friday last week, legion of fans started the task of re-animating the 1:38-minute long clip into pixelated LEGO stop-motion … READ MORE

75 years of marvel comics taschen 01 160x160

“75 Years of Marvel Comics: From the Golden Age to the Silver Screen” Book | By TASCHEN

Though it doesn’t come with its own book stand, like the Sumo-sized Annie Leibovitz limited edition, the 75 Years of Marvel Comics by publisher TASCHEN is still a hefty and voluminous printed matter. Measuring at 11.4-inch by 15.6-inch with 712 pages, it features some 2,000 original arts … READ MORE