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Stussy x Casio G-Shock - DW-5600 NTRNTNL Soccer Collection 01

Stussy x Casio G-Shock – DW-5600 “NTRNTNL Soccer Collection”

Interest for the”>2014 FIFA World Cup is reaching all corners of our lives, as many brands from blue chip corporations to streetwear labels get in on the action.”>Stussy is launching their NTRNTNL Soccer Collection to show their support for soccer’s biggest event this year. Headlining the … READ MORE


Breitling S3 ZeroG Chronograph

Swiss watchmaker” target=”_blank”>Breitling is the primary sponsor for the S3 company (” target=”_blank”>Swiss Space Systems) and its anti-gravity simulation program, in which the public will soon participate in weightless ZeroG flights. Consequently, Breitling has made the S3 ZeroG Chronograph to adorn the wrists of the participants in … READ MORE

Nixon - Summer 2014 Collection Lookbook Video

Nixon – Summer 2014 Collection Lookbook | Video

Plenty of new products are on the way from Nixon for their Summer 2014 season, ranging from watches, bags, apparel, and portable speakers. To summarize the collection,”>Nixon produced this short two-minute video lookbook highlighting the standout pieces from the lineup. One of the most exciting products … READ MORE

Casio G-Shock x Love The Sea And The Earth - Watch Collection 00

Casio G-Shock x I.C.E.R.C. x Earthwatch – “Love the Sea and the Earth” Watch Collection

Despite technological advancements and a deep understanding of our planet, we are yet to harmonize our activities with the animal kingdom. Environmental damage escalates everyday, affecting our planet’s ecosystem, animal habitats and overall well-being.”>Casio G-Shock teamed up with”>I.C.E.R.C. (International Cetacean Education Research Centre) and”>Earthwatch … READ MORE


Richard Mille RM 011 Red Demon

For the latest edition of the brand’s RM 011 Automatic Flyback Chronograph,” target=”_blank”>Richard Mille applies liberal doses of scarlet coloring, covering the inner flange, hands, strap and crown protector to produce a piece fittingly named the Red Demon. The tripartite case of visually striking design is fitted with a … READ MORE


Casio G-Shock – June 2014 | New Releases

Including the completely new Gulfmaster edition,” target=”_blank”>Casio also added four other models to its June 2014 line-up for” target=”_blank”>G-Shock. Updated from the original AW-500 model, the AWG-M500 features MULTI BAND 6 wireless time calibration, new shock absorption design and mineral glass dial face. The GF-8250K-4JR … READ MORE


Leica x Valbray EL1 Chronograph “100 Years Of Leica Photography Edition”

Swiss watchmaker” target=”_blank”>Valbray is joining in on” target=”_blank”>Leica’s 100th anniversary celebration, introducing the suitably named EL1 Chronograph “100 Years Of Leica Photography Edition” with design details inspired by Leica’s cameras and available in two individual styles. Chief among those unique embellishments is an iris-style shutter, dubbed the … READ MORE


DRx Romanelli x BAMFORD WATCH DEPARTMENT – Rolex Deepsea “Brutus” Watch

In” target=”_blank”>BAMFORD WATCH DEPARTMENT’s signature black titanium coating, this” target=”_blank”>Rolex Deepsea “Brutus” is the latest collaboration between the London’s customizer and” target=”_blank”>Darren Romanelli. Best known as” target=”_blank”>Dr. Romanelli because of his design process’ exacting nature, the Los Angeles-based designer added red, yellow, and … READ MORE


Casio G-Shock – Camo Plated Dial Semi Glossy Series

Known otherwise as the” target=”_blank”>Camouflage Dial Series,” target=”_blank”>Casio G-Shock’s Camo Plated Dial Semi Glossy Collection is finally available here in the US. Comprised of three GA-100 models (GA-100CF-1A9JF, GA-100CF-1AJF, GA-100CF-8AJF), each with a plated camo dial in semi-gloss finish. In three color variations with corresponding … READ MORE


F.C.R.B. x Casio G-Shock DW-5600 – Spring 2014

Soccer-centric Japanese brand” target=”_blank”>F.C.R.B. teams up with” target=”_blank”>Casio G-Shock to cook up a special collaborative edition of the DW-2600 watch. Historically a popular model for streetwear joint ventures, the piece has a case and matching strap in subdued black, along with a face printed with … READ MORE


TSOVET Automatic Collection

No matter how connected we are or will be in the years to come, a classic, slick watch will never go out of style. The perfect accessory to a range of outfits, an expression of your personality, and a quick way to keep on schedule, there’s no … READ MORE