Interview with Russel maurice of GASIUS

What is GASIUS ?

Gasius is the son of gasface, now the 6th reincarnation is about to be born.

How does the art reflect the lives of the creators?

Art is the life of the creator.

What do you think sparked GAS FACE and what caused its evolution into GASIUS?

I started Gasface because I was doing hand painted tees for a mate, and then more people wanted them and with the money I made from those I got the first batch printed…..
That was in 93, it was pretty much 100% graf company then, one of the first companies to put graf on clothing in the uk, selling in skate stores in uk mainly, like slam city, insane etc…
10 years went by……
With Gasius I wanted to start something new, with new themes and just move it along a bit, and grow it… progress it, create more of a collection. Still influenced by graf but not so obvious……

What are the similarities between GASIUS and a brand like Maharishi? Where do the two differ?

I think we both try give a positive message  but we differ thematically.

What were the circumstances surrounding the GASIUS x NIKE collaboration? 

I am very lucky to have been right place right time etc……I was doing a show at 90sqm in Amsterdam and met some one from Nike then, we started talking about the shoe then, but it took about a year to happen.

Why the Vengeance?

Cause Nike said so.

To draw upon the triangular diamond themes found in graffiti and end up with the design you created for the shoe seems like a loaded process. Can you describe, and maybe unload, the trip from the writer’s hand-style to the GASR/NIKE icon.

I wanted to do something different, I am obsessed with triangles and diamonds and graf. I worked out the kinda tri-diamond tile shapes on the computer first then designed the letters to fit into this, inked it and got it back in the mac, the I just worked on a flat profile of the sneaker.

Photo by Sam Handy

Since GASIUS has experienced such success and become a respected brand, what does the future hold?

I reallllly cant answer that, the company is slowly growing but things are really positive and that’s really nice for me, I appreciate it infinitely that people are into my products and like what I do. Who can tell what the future holds for any one, I’m not really planning, just dealing with what comes towards me as it does… maybe I should plan more….

Shout out to Stephen Christian

Interviewed by Thomas Bradley

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