How was the decision made on choosing the Air Max 1?
The Air Max 1 was an easy decision. It is one of my favorites and would be a great shoe to be the first HUF X NIKE.

We heard a rumor that the Air Max 1 is your number 1 favorite sneaker? Is it true? What other sneakers are in your top five?
It is definitely one of my favorites. My top 5 are Air Max 90, Air Max 1, Jordan 3, Jordan 1, Trainer 1.

On the perforated leather and SF skyline used on the Staff edition what was the inspiration for that?
The perforated leather was Ed's idea. The shoe was a group effort by the staff at HUF(Ed, Nao and Kyle). We all colored up one each. Ed was the one who colored the Air Max that is coming out. The skyline was done by Ben Weiner. He is the one who designed our logo and made the city skyline for the back of the shoe.

On the QS edition, the perforated leather is not used. Was it a production cost issue or was it so that the staff edition is more unique?
Not sure why they didn't use the perforated leather

Are there plans for more Huf sneakers? What sneaker would be in the next one?
Yes we hope to do more HUF sneakers in the future. Hopefully there will be a Dunk soon.

Anything else you like to add?
Thanks for all the support. Peace!

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