Cultura @ Nike Blu House Venice Beach
Featuring the works of Tattoo Artist Mr. Cartoon and Photographer Estevan Oriol

Cultura celebrates a unique and creative slice of LA Latino culture with a particular focus on two artists - Mister Cartoon and Estevan Oriol. Mister Cartoon is one of the most revered tattoo artists in the world. In addition to tattoos, his art extends to many different media such as sign painting, airbrush on lowriders and graffiti. Cultura will display his range of art projects, including tattoo work, illustrations, car murals, album covers and the debut of Mister Cartoon's Ice Cream Truck, a project ten years in the making. Estevan Oriol is one of the most sought after photographers in Los Angeles, best known best capturing the raw essence of street life. Unique and authentic, his images will be featured throughout Cultura documenting the culture and landscape of the urban Latino community.

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