158 Rivington Street
New York, NY || > Map
by Thomas Bradley
Photos: Liquidrice
Part of theFreshness ALIFE Feature

The ALIFE team has set a new precedent for chic, urban clothing boutiques the world over. Situated next to Alife Rivington Club, the new Alife store is exactly what the Alife consumer wanted from the brand/store. It combined a fishtank of piranhas with the Alife brand in such a seamless fashion that it achieved that which is the essence of the store, the brand, and the lifestyle as a whole: effortless cool.

This cool is of course derived from the type of effort which passionately created a brand from a lifestyle and not about a lifestyle. The new Alife shop will be selling its own sneakers, jeans, shirts, hats, and jewelry. Its closeness to Alife Rivington Club is a blessing to the walkers who hump the city blocks while trekking from shop to shop.

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