350 Water street | Vancouver, BC
By Thomas Bradley | Photos Alife
Part of the Freshness ALIFE Feature

The opening of Alife Vancouver is not a sign of the apocalypse. It is rather a signal of the Alife brand stretching its adolescent limbs and beginning to truly mature as a brand/shop/ idea. Since its beginning, the shop and its team have been located within the context of NYC. Now, with the brand growing up along with its creators, Alife has gone international and stretched far beyond the borders of its beloved native city.

The shop itself is on par with Alife’s now traditional level of excellence. Apparel and sneakers rest on the Pledge proud wood shelving as light glows behind frosted glass wall reliefs. Subdued and refined, the shop reflects a brand in its early stages of maturation, hopefully into something we can come to rely on for consistent ingenuity and quality in a field where neither is in abundance.

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