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25 Japanese artists take inspiration from innovation.
Freshness Feature - Part 3 of 5
> Part of the Freshness White Dunk Feature

We will be taking a closer look at all the artists of the White Dunk Exhibition. This will be part 1 of 5 with 5 artists in each feature.

Pooyan Toys

Yoshinori and Fukue Murai are designers working in a unit. They mainly design and produce toys and figurines, and create figurative art. They designed and produced 1/35 scale “WORKING! SAFS!” figurine series by arranging Kow Yokoyama’s Ma. K. in SAFS style. Being inspired by Dunk, the couple changed SAFS into a sports-power suit for playing advanced basketball in which athletes play with a metal ball weighing 1 ton using the electromagnetic rail arm (1/6 Scale).

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