August 31 | Nike iD Dunk - All red
Totally I forgot I had these. Just found them while labeling my stash of shoes. I did these day the dunks dropped on Nike iD. Since I only wear Air Max, I totally forgot about them. Our writer Tom liked that I've been showing shoes in my personal collection and suggested that I continue doing so. So look out for more from my personal stash. // From by Liquidrice

Photos: Nike iD Dunk - All red
August 25 | NIKE FALL 2005 SNEAKERS
I call this the half Takashis [Hosokawa Dunk SB]. This Dunk was recently given to employees and people who are involved with Nike iD. The body is mostly suede with the heel piece in smooth leather. Details are in gold and Clementine - a hot shade of orange. From what I know the materials and colors are not available on nor the Nike iD Design Studio. Go hunt!

Photos: Nike Dunk iD - Non-Public
August 23 | NIKE FALL 2005 SNEAKERS
The following shoes should have dropped or will drop between September and December. The notables include the Free Trail 5.0, the Nike Ovolo seems to be finally dropping here in the US. There is a Nike Air Terra in the Albis Pack. The Snow Waffle II is an interesting boot for the winter. And the Air Zoom Vitesse is also very nice as a non-retro runner. Check them out!

August 22 | Faile x The Onitsuka Tiger
The Onitsuka Tiger & Faile Collaboration: Where art and sport meet the streets Onitsuka Tiger, in partnership with New York-based artist group Faile, created a series of new and exciting products.

The Onitsuka Tiger & Faile Collaboration
August 17 | Spasmotica Sneaker
A new film by Cameron Crowe will be dropping this October called Elizabethtown. There are a few big stars in the film which includes Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst. Another star of the film will be the Spasmotica sneaker, of which, Blooms character gets fired for. Blooms character work for a made up big name shoe company and the company is located in Oregon.

Here's the very first look at the sneaker designed for the film.

Photos: Spasmotica Sneaker
August 16 | Nike iD - White Dunk iD
Nike iD Japan just launched this on their site. Looks like there's no color options just white leather, white faux ostrich and white patent leather. On the back of the shoe it reads "White Dunk". I wonder if this is related to the White Dunk exhibition from 2004. Check out the exclusive pics. (Thanks Shu & Allen)

Photos: Nike iD - White Dunk iD
August 15 | Sneaker Jewels - Interview with Gabriel Urist
A long over due feature on he man behind sneaker jewerly, Gabriel Urist. And no, we are not going to make the obvious naming associations with jewerly. By Young Thawt.

Sneaker Jewels - Interview with Gabriel Urist
August 15 | Nike Free 5.0 iD
From earlier sneaker updates, most of you probably know I have a love for Air Max 1 and Air Max 90 ń mostly retro air maxes. The Nike Free is slowly becoming a favorite new release runner. I just love the flexible comfort and the barefoot walking aspect of the Free. I am also in love with Lab Green. I like pink (i.e. DQM Air Max 90) but I think on these it was a bad choice but I still rock them.

Photos: Nike Free 5.0 iD
August 12 | Air Force 1 - 305/Miami Woven Edition
Thereís been quite a few city specific Air Force 1s lately with the woven material. The most recent being this Miami Air Force 1 that photography contributor Billy picked up in Vancouver of all places. With the local area code 305 in several places on the shoe I would imagine you can pick these up at your local Miami boutiques. Go Shop!

Photos: Air Force 1 - 305/Miami Woven Edition
August 12 | Nike iD Air 180 - From The Nike iD Design Studio @ 255
I love the recently retroed Air 180 runners. As part of my ěrotationî my 180 runners are always in the weekly mix. With this recent pair coming from the Nike iD Design Studio @ 255, Iíve found myself wearing it more than once in my weekly rotation.

Photos: Orange Air 180 iD
August 10 | Interview with Seth Brau of Five Three Footwear
Seth Brau creates these amazing patterns on plain white Vans. We just had find out more. Here's an interview with Seth on his process and inspiration. Thanks to Mr. Walker for forwarding this on.

Interview with Seth Brau of Five Three Footwear
August 8 | Nike iD Air 180 - From The Nike iD Design Studio @ 255
Some of you may know Air Max shoes are probably my favorites especially the Air Max 1 and Air Max 90. I've gone through an Air Max 1 period and and Air Max 90 period where I rocked them exclusively. After rocking the hell out of my inferred AM90s and Kid Robot AM1s, I am ready to move on. // I use to dream about 180 runners, before they were retroed. I've managed to rack up all of the publicly available 180 runners. They put the damn shoes on iD! Pictured is the pair that's been on my feet for the past two months. My second pair (to be feature in a later article) just came last week. I've held back for a minute on the 180s and moved on to iD-ing Nike Frees (also in a later article). Not sure what the iD shoe will be but Fall 05 shoes are starting to show up. Trouble. /// -Liquidrice

Photos: Nike iD Air 180 - From The Nike iD Design Studio @ 255
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