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September 26 | Be@rbrick World Tour - Nike Mayfly
As part of the Nike sponsored Be@rbrick World Tour, this Nike Mayfly was made to commemorate the tour. Additionally an artist version of the shoe were given only to the artist with a piece in the tour.

Photos: BWWT - Nike Mayfly
September 26 | Nike iD Air 180 - All Grey
So I've been a total fiend for Air 180's and just can't resist being able to iD them any color I want. Since the Air 180 is no longer availabe at the Nike iD Design Studio here in NYC, I've been left with the small selection of colors on That being the case, I've done up a colorless pair of Air 180 just for fun. This is also the try-on colorway available to the patrons of the Nike iD Design Studio. I was inspired by the colorlessness of them, sometimes you just need a colorlessness in you.

Photos: Nike iD Air 180 - All Grey
September 19 | Interview with Josh Wisdumb (New Balance 574)
There's been some confusion on the New Balance Artist Pattern series. Hopefully this interview will clear up the confusion. We also take fault for taking part in the error.

Interview with Josh Wisdumb (New Balance 574)
September 14 | Stussy Dunk High SB
Looks like the denim is the new material of choice at the Nike camp. The recent two :Terminator Low denim and Footscape white denim.
Via sahlan78 on niketalk

PHOTOS: Stussy Dunk High SB
September 13 | Meth x SBTG - East vs. West - Divide & Conquer
So apparently while Meth was in Singapore, he got together with SBTG to see how they can work together. The two mixed their styles together and banged out some hot collaborations. I am glad they didn’t fight. See you guys in Oct.

PHOTOS: Meth x SBTG - East vs. West - Divide & Conquer
September 13 | Nike Exclusives - Denim Terminator Low
Babekub City seems to be on a row after success with the Be@rbick Dunk SB and the black denim Dunk SB. BKC just released the Be@rbick World Tour Mayfly on Sept 11. Scheduled for Sept 18 include a white denim Air Footscape and on Oct 10 the denim Terminator Low will be released. Seems like someone likes denim.

Photos: Nike Exclusives
September 12 | Nike Skateboarding Party @ ASR
Here are some photos from ASR by our ASR correspondent, Tricknowledge. Some interesting products include the second Trainer SB with colors by HUF. It looks like Nike SB might be releasing socks with the shape of a dunk covering the sock. This might be a hint that the clear dunk will release, probably not but just thought we'd throw it out there. Also interesting is the elephant skin print belt. Trick also mentions that J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr. and Mudhoney performed.

Photos: Nike Skateboarding Party @ ASR
September 5 | Nike Considered Mid
The Considered Mid is one of the shoes from the second season of the Considered Series. An exhibition was recently held at the Reed Space with art by HunterGather. The beauty of the Considered series is in it's consideration for the environment. Certain pieces of the shoe might be made from recycled materials. The shoes are made in a way that uses the least amount of materials and no toxic chemicals are used to hold the shoe together. Also some photos of the special box set designed by HunterGather.

Photos: Nike Considered Mid
September 2 | Nike iD Air Force 1 Mid
Had these for a minute now, finally had a chance to take some nice photos of them. These are from the Nike iD Design Studio. Built completely in premium leather, even the midsole is leather. From previous shoes I've been iD-ing most of you know I love this lab green Nike iD has available. Lab green laces and stitching. (These were only available in the Nike iD Design Studio.)

Photos: Nike iD Air Force 1 Mid
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