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13th Witness – Art Of Facts (Ft. FUTURA) | Video

After a celebrated collaboration with Maestro Knows, 13th Witness returns to profiling with a new video featuring FUTURA. 13th Witness takes us behind the scenes and observes the master graffiti artist in his working elements, tracing steps through FUTURA’s creative process. The famous FUTURA… READ MORE

Maestro Knows – MK(13) T-Shirt Release | Standard ATL

Since mid-December las year, Levi Maestro of Maestro Knows has been prepping fans for a special MK(13) t-shirt release. The tee which released just before New Year’s on Dec. 27 is now starting to hit stores statewide. After Los Angeles and Boston, the MK(13) will be dropping … READ MORE


13th Witness 2010 Calendar

Idioms remain true for a reason. A chip off the old block holds up in the case of 13th Witness and his old man Futura, as the latter had not simply inherited a penchant for creativity, but adopted and developed it to his own right and fast … READ MORE


13th Witness x Shingo – Underground Vibes | Video

13th Witness have been putting out impressive folio of photographic works to date and here we see his latest video work shooting Japanese skater Shingo from T-19 and Carnival. By no means is this an attempt at being a skate video but more so… READ MORE


Maestro Knows – NYC Edition (13th Witness)

The latest episode of Maestro Knows takes us with Maestro through New York City on his last day of visit. As Maestro hung out with 13th Witness journeyed from Washington Square Park to Houston Street’s Eva Mendes for Calvin Klein billboard, then onward to Coney Island, the … READ MORE


13th Witness X Nigel Sylvester – Escape From Tomorrow

13th Witness followed BMX rider Nigel Sylvester around for the day, taking to the streets and performing some sick tricks. Check out a day in life of Nigel Sylvester doing everything from putting the bike together to blasting down the streets and moving through traffic in a … READ MORE


Amongst Friends – Spring 2010 Collection

Amongst Friends, started their brand a couple years ago and up until this newest collection, the focus has been on t-shirts and accessories such as hats or belts. Now as they get ready to launch their Spring 2010 Collection in a few months they’ve taken the liberty … READ MORE


13th Witness x NYC Bridge Rollers – Riding High Video

Photographer, 13th Witness, and the NYC Bridge Rollers collaborated together on this new “Riding High” video that 13th Witness shot. The imagery is shot by 13th Witness who until recently was known by most as only a photographer… READ MORE


CONCEPTS – Timberland Abington | Event Recap

Boston’s Concepts held a special gallery exhibition and event to launch Timberland’s Fall 2009 Abington Collection. The exhibition featured various imagery shot by photographer, 13th Witness, and the event featured music provided by DJ Bobbito Garcia AKA Kool Bob Love and FUTURA. Concepts transformed their entire store … READ MORE


Nitraid – Fall 2009 Items

The Nitraid Fall items have started delivery and the first few items to drop are collaboration products with legendary FUTURA and his son 13th Witness. It is a rare occasion that a father and son collaboration comes out in the same collection. Known for his photographic skills, … READ MORE


Maestro Knows – Season 2 Trailer

Levi Maestro came onto the scene this past year with his show, Maestro Knows, which is a video diary of his life in Los Angeles, showcasing some of today’s hottest brands as well as musicians and other influential people connected to our culture… READ MORE