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LOOK/SEE: Camping | Video

LOOK/SEE‘s “Camping” video presents a camping trip gone awry. The video begins with our intrepid outdoorsman waking up in his tent, with the tools of his trade laid out next to him: in addition to his trusty camera and Portland Trail Blazers snapback, he’s ready to face … READ MORE


LOOK/SEE – Sneaker-Themed Sunglasses Collection

Bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, designer Kyle Yamaguchi and his wife, Shu-Chu, decided to try their hands at creating their very own eyewear label. In two years time, that label, 141 Eyewear, bloomed into a profitable venture, enough so for Yamaguchi to look for another challenge to … READ MORE


141 Eyewear – “You Buy, We Give”

There are many gifts we can bestow upon another person, but there is nothing quite as simple yet at times, as unattainable as the gift of health. Currently, there are more than 153 million people who need the corrective glasses but cannot afford it or have no … READ MORE