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10.55 Special 55DSL Tees

Andy Rementer / Komatsu 1000 10.55 is a new project under 55DSL, it is a special collaboration of tees designed by international artists offered starting fall/winter ’08. Every season 55DSL selects 5 artists from different countries and gives them total freedom to design their exclusive graphic to … READ MORE

55DSL Las Vegas Kit

55DSL – Las Vegas Survival Kit

Aside from 10Deep’s Las Vegas survival kit, 55DSL also created one for visitors to the Project trade show.  A much simpler fare, but you still have your essential tools such as a badge holder strap and a mirror (to make sure nothing in between your teeth when … READ MORE

Freshness Feature: 55DSL – 281 Lafayette Street – NYC

After several years at Union Square, 55DSL has moved to a new location at the heart of Lafayette Street. The new location is just across the street from the old POP shop and within eyes view of famous Lafayette Street resident Supreme. Pravda the restaurant is just … READ MORE