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BAPE Store Beijing – Grand Opening | Additional Photos

If you visit the trendy San Lit Tun Village pedestrian mall in Beijing this weekend, you will be quick to notice a new structure the center of attraction, the standalone mall by Hong Kong’s I.T. Group. Along with Beijing’s first ever COMMME des GARCON flagship, the mall … READ MORE


BAPE Store Beijing – Grand Opening | Event Recap

The New Year celebration started early in the city of Beijing as A Bathing Ape and its distributor I.T. opened the doors to BAPE Store Beijing just a few hours ago. Despite the prior confusion about the time of the opening, mostly due to a typo on … READ MORE



Aside from his market showmanship, what people often don’t know about Nigo is his impeccable talent for trend forecasting. While others opened hair salons for adults, the founder of A Bathing Ape was quick to realize parents were more willing to splurge on their children instead of … READ MORE

HUMAN MADE By NIGO – Stadium Jacket | Elk Leather & Sheep Skin

Like all who enjoys the good life, NIGO (of BAPE) has a natural inclination to finer things this world has to offer. So expect no less when it comes to designing his new venture, HUMAN MADE, and its branded Stadium Jacket. Though the silhouette is mostly on … READ MORE


A Bathing Ape x Stussy Survival Of The Fittest | Delivery 2

Once again, 2 weeks after its initial debut, Stussy and A Bathing Ape (BAPE) launched the second delivery of the much anticipated Survival Of The Fittest Collection.  As mentioned previously, the name selected by Paul Mittleman (Stussy) and Nigo (BAPE) was quite indicative of the fashion industry … READ MORE


HUMAN MADE By NIGO – Official Website Update

“Where are you in the 2010′s?” asked the headline.  For the large part of the last 2 decades, Nigo, the impresario of Tokyo’s urban scene, navigated his A Bathing Ape franchise through trend and hype of various sorts. But even he knows that fashion is a cyclical … READ MORE


NIGO – NIGOLDEN Pop-Up Bookstore

Sure, the fact that the Kindle is sold out everywhere seems to point to a change in our consumption habits in terms of reading. Books and printed matter have taken a binary form and are now easily compressed into a flat device, and leafing through pages now … READ MORE


A Bathing Ape x Stussy – Survival Of The Fittest | Delivery 1

In ways, the name chosen by Paul Mittleman (Stussy) and Nigo (BAPE) is quite indicative of the rag trade today. Where a creative director not only has to focus on the design itself, but play a balancing act between quality, price point, and other trifecta. Indeed, the … READ MORE


Complex – Bape Star: NIGO’s Greatest Footwear Moments

Sure, NIGO makes BAPE and of course, the coveted footwear from the collection which runs from the Road Sta to the Bapesta and creepers. But, amongst the collection and all of the sneakers out there, which are NIGO’s favorite? Complex had put together a compilation of NIGO’s … READ MORE



In essence, the newest chapter of BAPE stemmed from 3 core themes – encountering, collaborating, and finally evolving. While the former 2 have been a common practice since the label’s creation 17 years ago. The last concept, evolving, hasn’t been into practice till more recently with one … READ MORE


NIGO x Effector – Effector by NIGO Collection

The father of the APE, NIGO of BAPE, has teamed up with Japanese eyewear maker, Effector to create to styles of glasses for those who need some corrective lenses or simply for those who enjoy rocking a hip, scholarly look. The new collaborative collection comprises of two … READ MORE