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2014 Audi S8 Tuned to 675HP | By ABT Sportsline

Not satisfied with their current offering that already supplies an extra 120 horses to the Audi S8, ABT Sportsline are out with another boost to their kit. Their first kit was released back in May, but this update to the kit further improves the Audi sportscar’s output to … READ MORE


Audi QS3 | By ABT Sportsline

If you were to do a quick search on the Internet, you would find that this model, the Audi QS3, does not exist. There is a simple explanation behind the mystery vehicle though. By retrofitting the standard Audi Q3, the German automaker’s newest and smallest crossover design, … READ MORE

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Volkswagen Beetle – Tuned To 240 Horsepower | By ABT Sportsline

Even though it comes with an optional turbocharger 2.0-liter engine or in a VR6-powered RS model, the new Volkswagen Beetle has had a tough time shaking the remaining critics that keep its “chick car” label alive. However, the top tuners at Germany’s ABT Sportsline may finally have done … READ MORE