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Freshness Week In Review: 5/24/2010 – 5/28/2010

This is the week of releases and friendships and everything fun in between. Some of the most notable summer collaborations will finally be hitting racks, serving as the summer blockbusters in the industry; for some other labels, taking things outside into the sun (or sometimes back in … READ MORE


adidas adiCup x Maestro Knows – Tour De Maestro | NYC

Not too long ago, when Freshness had a chance to chat with Levi Maestro of Maestro Knows and attempted to get the self-taught videographer/skateboarding whiz to hint at what he will be up to this year, Maestro clandestinely asked if we liked soccer. At that time, we … READ MORE


adiCup 2010 Japan Pack – Houyhnhnm x Masterpiece Sound

What is a team without a team jersey? And without some sartorial aids, fanatics will be able to tell you cheering and supporting your team just doesn’t feel quite the same. With an understanding of the minds of the sports fanatics, adidas has created special Consortium jersey … READ MORE


adidas – adiCup 2010 Tokyo

After buckets of blood, sweat and tears (perhaps more so buckets of sweat and tears than of blood), adiCup has finally wrapped in New York City, with The Diner Old Boys representing the good old stateside in the finals to be held at Germany, competing against three … READ MORE


adidas – adiCup 2010 – US Team Jerseys

Last weekend, on a gloriously beautiful New York City Saturday with sunshine sans humidity, the kindred creative souls of the city tore themselves away from their iMacs, and respective canvases for a dose of healthy competition. Yes, it was that time of the year again– the adidas … READ MORE


adidas adiCup 2010 New York | Event Recap

The high pitch shrill of “GGGOOOAAALLLL!!!” echoed across the field didn’t come from fanatical soccer fan or an accented sports announcer.  It came from a 7-year old, all but a mere 4-foot, 5-inch tall girl on the sideline, barking support for her dad on the field at … READ MORE


Freshness Week In Review: 5/17/2010 – 5/21/2010

Since the weather has been getting more stable, and sunshine becomes a more consistent presence in our lives, everyone’s coming out to play. Also, as the 2010 FIFA World Cup will be kicking off extremely soon, the sportswear giants have been gearing up for this year’s biggest … READ MORE


adidas – adiCup 2010 – New York

Dust off the shin guards and sharpen your cleats! This Saturday, May 20th, marks the return of the madness on the West Side, AdiCup 2010! Also known as FANATIC, for those keeping tabs, the tournament goes international this year in conjunction with the FIFA World Cup. Competition … READ MORE


UNDFTD x Arkitip x adidas Originals Limited Edition adiCup Jersey

Before actual soccer stars take stage at the 2010 FIFA World Cup set to start in June, the adidas has rallied the creative types from all over the world and lured them away from the iMacs and into the sun for an afternoon of hardwork, sweat, cardio … READ MORE


Adidas – FANATIC VII (7)

Now that the West Coast creative types had the opportunity to prove themselves at adiCup 3. It is the East Coasters’ turn for the bragging right at the 7th annual FANATIC. 24 teams to battle it out at a new location – Chelsea Waterside Park on West … READ MORE


Adidas – adiCup 3

Missed your chance to view Euro Cup 2008 in person? Now is your chance to take part in soccer madness as adidas introduce the 3rd adiCup tournament in Santa Monica this Saturday, July 12th. Witness West Coast creative types slugging it out on the Santa Monica High … READ MORE