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adidas Consortium Rod Laver Series

First launched in the 1970s as the signature shoe of then world tennis champion, George “Rod” Laver, the Rod Laver forgoes adidas’ iconic three-stripes to refocus more on simplicity of the shoes than branding. Now, nearly four decades later, the Rod Laver is reworked for the adidas … READ MORE

adidas Forum Mid - Watermelon - Consortium

adidas Consortium Forum Mid – Watermelon Edition

Another pair of shoes from adidas’ Consortium Spring/Summer 2009 Collection is this Forum Mid that uses a Watermelon inspired design for the graphic on the shoe’s entire upper which comes in Green, Black, and Red in addition to a graphic of a slice of Watermelon on the … READ MORE

Adidas Consortium AZX Project - ZX 7000 - A.R.C.

adidas Consortium AZX Project – ZX 7000 – A.R.C.

Alife Rivington Club (A.R.C.)’s premium approach to footwear, branding and retail extends to their ‘R’ addition to aZX. On a quest to offer an antidote to the obnoxious footwear on offer elsewhere, their ZX 7000 stays tasteful, with deep reds throughout on an upper constructed from nylon … READ MORE

adidas Consortium AZX Project - ZX9000 - WOOD WOOD

adidas Consortium AZX Project – WOOD WOOD

Since its inception in Copenhagen some years back, WOOD WOOD has quickly become one of the top trend setting retailers in the Scandinavia: region of Europe.  So naturally it was asked to participate in the AZX Project by adidas Originals.  Representing the letter “W”, the adidas Originals … READ MORE

adidas Consortium AZX Project - ZX9000 - VA

adidas Consortium AZX Project – ZX9000 – VA

It is always about the search and to some it is almost like a hunt.  These are the primal premises that drive sneaker connoisseurs to seek out their next loot. And that leads us to the letter “V” in the 3rd round of adidas Originals Consortium – … READ MORE

adidas Consortium AZX Project - ZX8000 - UNDFTD

adidas Consortium AZX Project – ZX8000 – UNDFTD

This past weekend was another hectic one for sneaker heads world wide, with multiple release across the globe on some of the most exclusive edition, including the 3rd round of the immensely popular adidas Originals Consortium – AZX Project.  Highlighting the letters Q, R, S, T, U, … READ MORE

UNDFTD x adidas - AZX Consortium Longsleeve Tee

UNDFTD x adidas Originals – AZX Consortium Longsleeve Tee

UNDFTD was one of the adidas Consortium retailers selected to participate in the adidas AZX collaboration project and while their adidas ZX 8000 is arguably one of the best pairs out of the entire collection, UNDFTD decided to take it a step further by releasing a longsleeve … READ MORE

Adidas Consortium aZX Project

adidas Consortium AZX Project – Q to W Sneakers

In the third drop of the Adidas Consortium aZX Project, the letters Q through W are represented and for each of these letters, a sneaker store or sneaker related company was the designer. They included, starting with Q, Dave’s Quality Meat, R for Rivington Club, S for … READ MORE

Adidas Consortium AZX Project - ZX700 - NEIGHBORHOOD

adidas Consortium ZX700 – NEIGHBORHOOD

Finally its here, the long awaited ZX 700 Boat Shoe by adidas Originals and NEIGHBORHOOD (NBHD) for the adidas Consortium AZX Project.  The 2nd drop of this unique collective design project, which highlights key retailers around the world, focus store brands that start from the letter I … READ MORE

Adidas Consortium AZX Project - ZX 7000 - Patta

Adidas Consortium AZX Project – Patta – T-Shirt

As a continuation to the successful aZX project by adidas, the letter “P” signifying Patta, the trendsetting retailer in the Amsterdam.  And as the release date for its very own ZX 7000 approaches (September 20th), Patta also announced a series of t-shirts to coincide with the launch.  … READ MORE


adidas Consortium AZX Project – ZX300 – Colette

Representing the ‘C’ in adidas Consortium AZX Project, Paris-base trend setting boutique Colette select the streamlined form of ZX 300 as its medium in the project.  Taking other words that start with the letter “C”, the design team at Colette gave their AZX Project entry a flair … READ MORE