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Laurence King - The Art Game Artists Trump Cards 01

Laurence King – The Art Game: Artists’ Trump Cards

In the increasingly digital age, it is refreshing to see a printed card game conceptualized, instead of an app for our smartphones and tablets. Laurence King worked with acclaimed art writer James Cahill and Copenhagen-based illustrator Mikkel Sommer on The Art Game: Artists’ Trump Card. These playing … READ MORE

Ai WeiWei Book By Taschen 01

Ai WeiWei Book | By TASCHEN

Perhaps one of the most provocative Chinese artists of our generation, Ai Weiwei, fears nobody when making his statements, not even his own government. His art is a social commentary derived from his love of China, and his art sometimes point to unlikely places to make his … READ MORE

Ai Weiwei x The Sk8room - Skateboard Decks 00

Ai Weiwei x The Sk8room – Skateboard Decks

Like many controversial artists, Ai Weiwei is pushing the boundaries of art and activism. Ai actually spent over a decade in New York City during the ’80s and ’90s, learning about Western art techniques as well as taking in American culture. The Chinese artist is the latest … READ MORE


Chinese Artist Ai Weiwei Set To Release Heavy Metal Album

Famed Chinese dissident Ai Weiwei‘s newest artistic endeavor is sure to raise eyebrows, if not provoke spontaneous head banging. The 55-year-old contemporary artist is set to release a heavy metal album, taking care of lyrics and vocal duties himself while calling on rock musician friend Zuoxiao Zuzhou … READ MORE


Estanzuela Sanctuary By Ai Weiwei / Fake Design

Every year since the 17th century, over two million Mexicans take part in the Ruta del Peregrino, or the Pilgrim’s Route, a 117km journey through the Jalisco mountains as a representation of their faith. In an effort to provide the route with better conditions and to help … READ MORE


Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry | Video

Ai Weiwei’s transformation from an avant-garde artist into one of the world’s best-known and outspoken political critics has inspired many to call him a dissident for the digital age; inspiring people through art and social media to recognize his pro-democracy stance even in the face of China’s authoritarian system. … READ MORE


Ai Weiwei – One-Year Probation Ends

Ai Weiwei, the famed Chinese rebel artist, announced today that his one-year probation had ended, though he was informed by authorities that he was still barred from leaving China due to continuing investigations. The 54-year-old artist and dissident spoke to reporters while brandishing a government document officially … READ MORE


Artists Wanted: Art Takes Times Square – “Jasmine/Never Sorry (for Ai Weiwei)” | By Vicki DaSilva

By 7 pm this evening, a new member will join the eternal procession of neon lights and camera flashes around New York City’s Times Square. In place of the massive 23-story high billboard for Sprint wireless service will be instead a light graffiti by Vicki DaSilva honoring … READ MORE


Ai Weiwei – “Never Sorry” Documentary Trailer | Video

Ai Weiwei is well-known around the world for his confrontational and unabashed artwork and projects that are usually critical of his home country of China. While authorities there have done their best to censor him from the world, an upcoming documentary, Never Sorry, set for a 2012 … READ MORE