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James Bond 007: Skyfall – Official Trailer | Video

After his brilliant escort of Great Britain’s http://royal.gov.uk/hmthequeen/hmthequeen.aspx” target=”_blank”>Queens Elizabeth II to East London’s http://london2012.com/venue/olympic-stadium/” target=”_blank”>Olympic Stadium last Friday, Her Majesty’s secret agent, http://007.com” target=”_blank”>James Bond 007, is back in the thick of things with Skyfall. Presumed dead after an operation went awry, Bond mysteriously reappears when … READ MORE


James Bond 007: Skyfall – Aston Martin DB5 Returns | Video

A new agent and a plot line driven more by realism, Her Majesty’s Secret Agent James Bond has gone through some radical changes in the Post 9-11 world. But with more of the new alterations, there tends to be the return of the old ones as well, … READ MORE


The Bourne Legacy – Official Trailer

We’ve known for a while that the fourth installment in the acclaimed Bourne film series would star Jeremy Renner in Matt Damon’s stead, and now we’re getting a first look at Renner as CIA operative Aaron Cross. The trailer for “http://thebournelegacy.net/” target=”_blank”>The Bourne Legacy” indicates that events … READ MORE