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LEXDRAY Ibiza Pack – Fall 2014

Named after the Mecca of EDM and raves, designer Alex Drayer originally conceived his Ibiza Pack for two globe-trotting DJs – DJ Clark Kent and DJ Young Guru. Yet, not long after it launched last year, Drayer received orders from other creative fields. Spacious enough for a … READ MORE


LEXDRAY – Shanghai Tote

Adding to his growing line of travel necessities, designer Alex Drayer introduces the Shanghai Tote from his label LEXDRAY. Just like the city itself, the Shanghai Tote features a slew of functionality, all rolled into one. While its appearance is that of a regular tote, there are … READ MORE


LEXDRAY – Ibiza DJ Pack

In response to the countless requests from DJ friends and associates, designer Alex Drayer took pain to gauge all the tools, both hardware and soft goods, a globetrotting disc jockey would carry in a gig. In the midst of the design process, Drayer also asked DJ Clark Kent … READ MORE


Red Bull x LEXDRAY – DJ Backpack

A keen student on functional aesthetics, designer Alex Drayer measured everything a globetrotting disc jockey would carry during the development process of his newest accessory. He even gone so far as to consult our mutual friend, DJ Clark Kent, and DJ Young Guru, Jay-Z’s own sound engineer, … READ MORE


LEXDRAY – Boulder Pack 2.0

Besides being able to carry many things inside the bag, another primary function for bags is their comfort. LEXDRAY took a good hard look at their already well-designed Boulder Pack, and improved it by changing some of the materials on it. Nearly a pound lighter, thanks to … READ MORE


Kidrobot x Staple Design – Kidrobot Black Collection

In assembling its first ever apparel collection for the limited-edition Black Series, Kidrobot tabbed Staple Design to create an assortment of goods finished appropriately in black. The crew at Staple worked off the notion that the composition of a true black hue is made up of cyan, … READ MORE


LEXDRAY – London Garment Bag

Reversible vests, smartphones, and universal remotes. We ask a lot of our our gear these days and LEXDRAY‘s London Garment Bag is a smart and sophisticated way to improve your traveling experience. Essentially three bags in one, this bad boy does all the packing and unpacking work … READ MORE

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LEXDRAY – Classified Collection | Video

Sure you can check out a few photos of a new product to get an idea of what it has to offer, but when you’ve got something as complex and well-made as Lexdray‘s Classified Collection, you’re going to need something more than that to get an up-close … READ MORE


LEXDRAY – Classified Collection: Aspen Soft Case | Video

Sure, we can delineate the core principles of function, style, quality and innovation that make up the Lexdray mission statement, but it’s even more elemental than that: the brand represents the vision of one man, Alex Drayer, who’s the founder, designer and creative director of the company. … READ MORE


LEXDRAY – Classified Collection: Stockholm Brief | Video

The best way for a customer to appraise a product is to pick it up and handle it with his or her own hands. Previously, the next best thing was photographic images of the piece. It’s a concept that’s rendered a little lower in the pecking order … READ MORE


PROJECT Show New York LEXDRAY: London Garment Bag Fall 2012

Unassuming in appearance, a new product from LEXDRAY and designer Alex Drayer might just change the way we utilize our luggage, specifically our garment bags. Intended to keep clothing clean and wrinkle-free, garment bag’s flimsy construct often leads to just the opposite. Drayer’s solution is to create … READ MORE