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ALIFE x Starter – New York Snapback Cap

After a brief hiatus, ALIFE returns this week with a brand new project in store. Ahead of the crucial Game 3 tomorrow, when the New York Knicks battle against the Miami Heat once again, ALIFE is offering a classic snapback cap in show of support along with … READ MORE


truth x Staple Design – truth1585 Collection | Video

Truth. It is a word we hear often but perhaps it is not spoken as often these days. In fact the cigarette industry and smoking is ripe of lies and contradictions. This is where truth comes in and sets the record straight with their premiere truth1585 Collection. … READ MORE


ALIFE Apparel + Accessories – Fall 2011 Collection | Available Now

ALIFE‘s early branding frequently employed a tagline that succinctly communicated the core of its identity, “A lifestyle like no other.” For Fall 2011, the streetwear pioneer is releasing a mass quantity of different T-shirt styles like no other. The individual designs run the gamut from the sublime … READ MORE


ALIFE Footwear Collection – Fall 2011 | Available Now

ALIFE, having laid low for a stretch of time, is ready to make some noise again. The brand has unveiled its Fall 2011 footwear collection, an impressive assortment of sneakers and casual footwear built with premium materials in classic silhouettes. Standouts include crowd favorite the Everybody High, … READ MORE


ALIFE Rivington Club (A.R.C.) x Warrior Footwear

The first ever collaboration between ALIFE and Warrior Footwear will be available this Saturday, August 13th, at ALIFE Rivington Club. Because of its canvas upper with no obstructive design elements and the fluidity of its labor force back in China (where the footwear is standard issue among … READ MORE


ALIFE Summer 2011 Sportswear Collection | Available Now

Like the cast of characters from the Entourage television series, Joe Garvey, Mac Huelster, Doug Reddish, Matt Terwilliger, and Rennobuko Ku’uleialoha Chang return to another round in front of the camera for ALIFE Summer 2011 Sportswear Collection. Street smart aesthetics along with a panache of fun graphics, … READ MORE


ALIFE – Summer 2011 Footwear | Available Now

For those of us who complained bitterly about the past winter season, summer 2011 is proven just the opposite with intense heat bearing down much of Northern Hemisphere. Like “scorched earth military campaign”, there is no relieve in sight, even beneath shades and shadows, that all leather … READ MORE


KRINK x G-Shock Launch | Event Recap

The folks at the ever-collaborating NY institution, ALIFE joined forces with artist Craig Costello aka KRINK for an exhibition called Spray Paint the Walls. With walls bathed in the trademark KRINK vertical ink lines in varying shades of blue and yellow, the party goers were treated to … READ MORE


Freshness Week In Review: 3/13/2011 3/20/2011

Our attention this week is still very much on the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami that struck northern Japan last week, as the country now faces nuclear radiation, food shortages, and mourns the casualties. Fittingly, a number of stories this week centered on our involvement, along … READ MORE

ALIFE Spring 2011 Footwear Collection front

ALIFE Spring 2011 Footwear Collection

Following up on the Spring 2011 apparel collection release, ALIFE has also released the Spring 2011 footwear collection, which includes a number of old favorites, along with some new styles. The familiar Everybody is back for Spring, in both Mid and Hi versions, done in parachute cloth … READ MORE


ALIFE Spring 2011 Sportswear Collection Lookbook

With friends like Joe Garvey, Mac Huelster, Doug Reddish, Matt Terwilliger, and Rennobuko Ku’uleialoha Chang, who needs outsource for models? Introducing the new ALIFE Sportswear Collection for Spring 2011, a boisterous line of colors with a panache of street smarts. With help from their Lower East Side … READ MORE