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Reebok Answer IV – “Georgetown” | Release Info

Among the recent slew of retro basketball releases getting second (or third, or fourth) lives from Reebok‘s illustrious back catalog, one that’s sure to garner plenty of interest is this Reebok Answer IV in a classic Georgetown colorway. Equipped with a unique zip closure system and full-length … READ MORE


Reebok Question Mid – “Georgetown” | Release Info

It was nearly 6 months ago that Allen Iverson returned to the spotlight once again with the re-release of his signature shoes, the Reebok Question Mid and Reebok Answer IV. In ways, that appearance during Las Vegas’ PROJECT trade show helped to reinvigorate the return of other … READ MORE


Reebok Question – Black/Gold

Swizz Beatz’s influence on Reebok‘s rise back up the charts has been unmistakable and the reappearance of a Black/Gold Reebok Question is further evidence of that fact. Originally seen in this colorway back in 2006 to celebrate the R’s 10th Anniversary, the return of one of Allen Iverson’s older signature models … READ MORE


Reebok Question – White/Blue | Release Info

Forever etched in the memory of NBA fans who wondered if they were witnessing the passing of a torch, Allen Iverson’s infamous crossover move over Michael Jordan seemed to herald the arrival of a basketball force to be reckoned with. Iverson, who was a mere rookie during … READ MORE


PROJECT Show Las Vegas – Reebok Event with Dominique Wilkins, Allen Iverson, Tyga, Rick Ross, & Swizz Beatz

For a brief moment yesterday afternoon, sneakers related press and media had the opportunity to see the unveiling of newest brand ambassadors for Reebok and Reebok Classics. Described by the label’s creative director, Swizz Beatz, as “The Elite Team”, members NBA great Dominique Wilkins and Allen Iverson, … READ MORE


Reebok Answer IV – White/Black | Release Info

Allen Iverson wore his signature Reebok Answer IVs during a landmark season, in which the legendary point guard led his Philadelphia 76ers against the L.A. Lakers in the 2001 NBA Finals. (The Sixers would lose in five, ruining a storybook season in which Iverson won the NBA … READ MORE

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Reebok Question Mid | Release Info

Allen Iverson‘s response to all the critics that doubted his size and skill ahead of his rookie season with the 76ers loudly resonated across the NBA as the young 21 year-old put up 30 points in his first game. His career only continued to explode that year and … READ MORE