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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – Times Square New Year’s Eve Celebration Preview | Video

While there were no tongue wagging or twerking from http://mileycyrus.com” target=”_blank”>Miley Cyrus, revelers at New York City’s http://timessquarenyc.org” target=”_blank”>Times Square were still treated to a “surprise gift” in the midst of their New Year’s Eve celebration. With a brief introduction from creator and executive producer https://twitter.com/TheRealStanLee?” target=”_blank”>Stan … READ MORE


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – Official Trailer | Video

Back in 2012, http://sonypictures.com” target=”_blank”>Sony Pictures Entertainment and its http://sonypictures.com” target=”_blank”>Columbia Pictures subsidiary made a gamble on re-telling the Spider-Man saga. Even with the then unknown Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker and director Marc Webb at the helm, the studio’s initial $230 million investment blossomed to $752 … READ MORE


Marvel x MEDICOM TOY – The Amazing Spider-Man BE@RBRICK 1000% | Available Now

Keeping in mind the importance of origin stories within the http://marvel.com/” target=”_blank”>Marvel universe, here’s a quick primer on Peter Parker’s alter ego: Spider-Man was the brain-child of writer Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko, first appearing in the pages of a Marvel Comics title in 1962 (in … READ MORE


Marvel x LEGO Minifigures – 2013 Collection

Along with http://marvel.com” target=”_blank”>Marvel Comics, http://lego.com” target=”_blank”>LEGO announced the new collaborative Minifigures Collection for 2013 during last week’s http://comic-con.org/” target=”_blank”>San Diego Comic Con. However, for those following product tie-ins among movies and comic books, the unveiling also serves as a preview to possible development in the future, … READ MORE


Marvel x MEDICOM TOY – The Amazing Spider-Man BE@RBRICK 100% + 400%

Just a short five years since we last saw Spider-Man on the big screen, the Marvel superhero has undergone a fairly quick reboot to make his triumphant cinematic return. The 3-D http://theamazingspiderman.com/” target=”_blank”>Amazing Spider-Man was the hero of the box office this past weekend, raking in $140 … READ MORE


A Bathing Ape x Marvel – The Amazing Spider-Man Collection

With http://theamazingspiderman.com” target=”_blank”>The Amazing Spider-Man ready to set a weekend box office record at movie screenings worldwide, Hong Kong/Japanese fashion label http://bape.com” target=”_blank”>A BATHING APE will be introducing its new collaboration with your Friendly Neighborhood Arachnida. Scheduled to be available next Saturday, July 14th, the limited edition … READ MORE


The Amazing Spider-Man What’s Inside of Peter Parker’s Backpack?

A favorite target of bully and taunts by fellow school mates, it wasn’t all too surprising that http://markofthespider-man.com/baggageclaim/index.html” target=”_blank”>Peter Parker’s ragged http://jansport.com” target=”_blank”>JanSport backpack went “missing” one day. To help the future super hero of the arachnid kind, a viral treasure hunt for the backpack went out … READ MORE


LAWSON x Marvel x MEDICOM TOY – Spider-Man BE@RBRICK 1000%

Leading up to the opening of the http://marvel.com/movies/movie/133/the_amazing_spider-man?nav=1″>Amazing Spider-Man movie in Japan, Japanese convenience chain http://lawson.co.jp”>LAWSON is partnering with http://marvel.com”>Marvel for a special campaign. Among various prizes, a limited edition Amazing Spider-Man BE@RBRICK 1000% is produced by http://medicomtoy.co.jp/”>MEDICOM TOY. Only 30 pieces of the figure will be … READ MORE


The Amazing Spider-Man – Is This Peter Parker’s Web Shooter Prototype? | Video

Perhaps borrowing a page from http://freshnessmag.com/2011/05/23/the-dark-knight-rises-bane-first-look/” target=”_blank”>Warner Bros.’ campaign for The Dark Knight Rises, http://sonypictures.com” target=”_blank”>Sony Pictures asked fans to solve subtle clues cryptically left on the multitude of social media outlets for its own summer blockbuster, http://theamazingspiderman.com/” target=”_blank”>The Amazing Spider-Man. The results were unobtrusive look at … READ MORE


The Amazing Spider-Man – 4 Minutes Super Preview | Video

Following its television premier Monday night, http://sonypictures.com/” target=”_blank”>Sony Pictures has brought online a four-minute “super preview” of http://theamazingspiderman.com/” target=”_blank”>The Amazing Spider-Man. The extended clip is essentially http://freshnessmag.com/2012/05/04/the-amazing-spider-man-official-trailer-2/” target=”_blank”>the official trailer released nearly two weeks ago, preceded by 90 seconds of new footage in which Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man … READ MORE


The Amazing Spider-Man – Official Trailer 2 | Video

In the wake of the artistic and commercial success of http://freshnessmag.com/2012/05/01/the-dark-knight-rises-official-trailer-3-video/” target=”_blank”>The Dark Knight, there was a bit of handwringing throughout the nerd community (the term “nerd,” by the way, has lost any sort of negative connotation, and we use it in that spirit) that film studios … READ MORE