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VERSUS TOKYO – Tokyo Fashion Week in Italy Event At Pitti Uomo

VERSUS TOKYO was set up by Yuichi Yoshii to show case the leaders from the Tokyo menswear industry at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week TOKYO. The reception to the event was overwhelmingly positive, so the team has brought the whole event to key fairs in Italy. Starting the … READ MORE



AMBUSH DESIGN out of Tokyo, Japan worked with Michigan’s REVIVE on this exclusive series of jewelry for the Birmingham-based store. The limited edition collection entitled the CAMO POW! series includes a POW! ring and chain and is the first time that multiple colors have been used on the … READ MORE

Ambush x Cassette Playa

AMBUSH x Cassette Playa – Spring/Summer 2011 Collection | Preview

Colorful pop aesthetics are the key ingredients that make up both of these progressive brands and even being on the other side of the world, Tokyo based AMBUSH and London based Cassette Playa have not missed a beat with this upcoming Spring/Summer 2011 collection. The balance between … READ MORE


AMBUSH x Georg Jensen – Young Heart Koppel Pendant Watch

Verbal and Yoon have AMBUSHed the luxury jewelry label, Georg Jensen, and brought a breathe of jolly youthful vibe from Tokyo streets to Nordic simplicity with a new collaborative pocket watch– the Young Heart Koppel Pendant Watch. Instead of the usual polished silver, AMBUSH brushed Georg Jensen’s … READ MORE

Rip Saw Buckle Pendant Gold

ROC STAR x AMBUSH – Ripsaw Buckle/Pendant

ROC STAR have teamed up with jewelry brand AMBUSH f0r ROC STAR’s 10th anniversary celebration. Both brands share similar tastes in music and fashion, and the Ripsaw buckle/pendant combinesthe distinct personalities of the two brands. At first, the Ripsaw buckle looks just regular buckle attachment to a … READ MORE



AMBUSH and RSVP GALLERY have collaborated yet again on a new POW! Chain, the new King POW! Chain is a large version of the normal POW! Chain, measuring 4.5 inches in width and 3 inches in height the POW! pendant is attached to a 15.5 inch chain. … READ MORE

Hello Kitty POW!

AMBUSH x Sanrio – POW! Hello Kitty Chain

AMBUSH has established itself as a force to be reckoned within the bespoke jewelry industry. Headed by pop-rapper Verbal from M-Flo and Teriyaki Boyz, and his wife Yoon, the line is very cutting-edge and pays great attention to detail and design wit. The POW! design is one … READ MORE



Fashion loves a good punk reference, and Verbal’s AMBUSH and BAPE knows just that. In the duo’s colorfully frightful B-movie-esque collaboration, amongst apparel and accessories is a refreshing take on the iconic Creepers donned and loved by punk rock artists and fans everywhere. The Creeper silhouette has … READ MORE


AMBUSH x RSVP POW! Matte Black Chain

AMBUSH and RSVP first collaborated on the glow-in-the-dark POW! chain which was announced and released last week and now the Japanese jewelry brand and Chicago gallery/retail space have joined forces once again to release this Matte Black chain, which comes in all Black with a matte finish. … READ MORE

AMBUSH x RSVP – POW! Glow-in-the-Dark Chain Series

Being one of the few retailers in the world that carries the AMBUSH jewelry collection it only made sense that Chicago’s RSVP collaborate with the Japanese pop art-inspired jewelry line. Having released a collaboration with BAPE and colette only weeks before, AMBUSH teams up with one of … READ MORE



A little while back we reported about the “A Bathing Ape is AMBUSHed” collection between A Bathing Ape (BAPE) and AMBUSH and this t-shirt is one of the basic items to come out from the project. The graphics on the front of the t-shirt is a combination … READ MORE