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Instead of opting for the regular athletic sneaker collaboration and putting new two cents onto BAPE’s popular canvas, the BAPE STA, BAPE and rapper m-flo’s jewelry label, AMBUSH, has decided to create an absolutely new, unprecedented footwear called the CREEP STA for their collaborative capsule collection. The … READ MORE


BAPE x AMBUSH – A Bathing Ape Is AMBUSHed | Release Information

Since the teaser images of BAPE’s collaborative venture with Verbal’s AMBUSH were released onto the web, the collection had been garnering a rather significant amount of attention with its raving mix of colors. The collection, “A Bathing Ape Is AMBUSHed” is created around the concept of a … READ MORE


BAPE X AMBUSH | Upcoming Collaboration

News are out that BAPE will be collaborating with Japanese design collective, AMBUSH. AMBUSH was started in 2002 by Young-Kee “VERBAL” Yu and YOON, operating on a belief of “Anything Goes”. As men of many talents, both VERBAL and YOON have projects going on other than their … READ MORE