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Rick Klotz x American Apparel – T-Shirt Collection

We first got wind of http://freshnessmag.com/2012/07/24/american-apparel-buys-warrior-of-radness-video/”>American Apparel acquiring Warriors of Radness last month, and now the head honcho of  http://warriorsofradness.com” target=”_blank”>Warriors of Radness and http://freshjive.com” target=”_blank”>FRESHJIVE, http://freshnessmag.com/tag/rick-klotz/”>Rick Klotz, has been contracted by http://americanapparel.net” target=”_blank”>American Apparel to perform his magic on their t-shirt collection. Klotz does set the record … READ MORE


American Apparel Buys Warrior Of Radness | Video

The current economic condition certainly makes a few odd bedfellows, the most recent being the purchase of http://warriorsofradness.com” target=”_blank”>Warriors of Radness by http://americanapparel.net” target=”_blank”>American Apparel. Announced over the weekend, many first thought the haphazard email, titled “We’ve Sold Out! The Battle is over but the WOR has … READ MORE

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American Apparel’s Most Provocative Ads | 1995 – Present

With possible bankruptcy looming over its head, retailer http://americanapparel.com” target=”_blank”>American Apparel will be ongoing several restructuring over the next few months. Its certainly quite a change for a company that pushed the envelope, especially in marketing strategy. By its borderline obscene and sexually charged advertisements, the company … READ MORE