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Bentley – Continental GT Coupe Tuned | By ANDERSON GERMANY

ANDERSON GERMANY proceeded to upgrade the already sporty Bentley Continental GT Coupe, throwing on plenty of carbon fiber and extra horses. Under the hood, the standard ECU was reprogrammed, boosting up the performance of the twin-turbo W12 engine to 671 horsepower, an almost 100 horsepower more than … READ MORE


Aston Martin – DBS Casino Royale | By ANDERSON GERMANY

As Aston Martin is getting ready for a big finale of the DBS line with its DBS Ultimate model, German tuning house ANDERSON GERMANY is launching their own version of the modern classic. Inspired by none other than Her Majesty’s secret agent, James Bond 007, ANDERSON GERMANY utilized … READ MORE


ANDERSON GERMANY – Audi A8 Venom Edition

With a name like Venom Edition, you can expect the tuned Audi A8 from ANDERSON GERMANY to be nothing but a boring four door sedan. First and foremost, the exterior of the A8 is covered in satin gunmetal gray, bringing out the gloss black details on the … READ MORE