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Jean-Michel Basquiat x Andy Warhol x Francfranc – Homeware Collection

Francfranc is a huge interior accessories and homeware company based in Japan and parts of Asia, catering to a wide variety of audiences from young to old. However, their product selection leans towards designed goods, and their latest homeware collection will have Pop Art fans enthused. The … READ MORE


Andy Warhol x New Era – Headwear Collection

As the whole world appreciating and investing in the works of Andy Warhol, it is becoming hard to own even a small print. With that being said, there are plenty of official Warhol merchandises to keep them within reach of average folks. New Era connected with The … READ MORE


Fab x The Andy Warhol Foundation

Original Andy Warhol artworks fetch a ridiculously large sum in the market, making them unattainable for most younger art collectors. Prints are always a great way to get into art collecting, as it is more reasonable in price and relatively easier to acquire. Fab got hold of … READ MORE


COMME des GARÇONS x Andy Warhol Capsule Collection

This is the first time that COMME des GARCONS has partnered with the Andy Warhol Foundation, coming together to present a special capsule collection in honor of Japan’s Golden Week holidays and mark the start of a large exhibition of the great artist’s work. Using a tote … READ MORE


“Lost Then Found” Andy Warhol Portrait Exhibition | New York City

Apart from being a prolific artist and entrepreneur, Andy Warhol enjoyed life in the limelight. Before there was Instagram, Warhol was seen snapping away photos of celebrities and partygoers with his film camera and instant camera. Furthermore, he was never shy to pose or take “selfies” with … READ MORE


Incase for Andy Warhol Collection – iPhone 5 Cases

Incase has partnered once again with the Andy Warhol Foundation, this time releasing a new series of iPhone 5 cases for the brand’s ongoing Andy Warhol Collection. The eight-piece range consists of four new unique designs, each drawn from Warhol’s work during the 1960s. First up is the … READ MORE


Tim Bessell x Andy Warhol – Artist Series Surfboards

Tim Bessell literally grew up surrounded by surf boards; not only has he been building them since he was 13, but Bessell’s name is now synonymous with the best in custom-made boards used by the top names in the game. As if Bessell’s surf boards weren’t enough of a work-of-art themselves, … READ MORE


Incase for Andy Warhol – Brillo Collection

The latest installment of the Incase for Andy Warhol Collection features designs drawn from the famed pop artist’s Brillo Soap Pad Boxes sculpture. Originally created in 1964, the Brillo Soap Pad Boxes were emblematic of Warhol’s mission to integrate commerce and art, as well as the elevation … READ MORE


MEDICOM TOY – Andy Warhol VCD Figures

Japanese boutique toy maker MEDICOM TOY might be best known for their BE@RBRICK figures, yet those items only count for a fraction of their product line. They capitalized on the design toy market with their VCD series, an acronym for Vinyl Collectible Dolls. MEDICOM TOY produces numerous … READ MORE


BMW Art Car Collection 1975 – 2010 Exhibition | London

The vibrancy of color of the 205 countries participating in the 2012 London Olympic games will now be matched by a 16-strong collection of cars from BMW’s Art Car series, installed specially for the London 2012 Festival by the Institute of Contemporary Arts. This is the first … READ MORE


Incase for Andy Warhol – Summer 2012 Collection

Incase presents the fifth and latest installment of its Incase for Andy Warhol Collection, featuring various motifs inspired by the artist’s works. A design paying tribute to Warhol’s film Chelsea Girls, used on a tote and cases for the iPhone 4S, MacBook and iPad, is finished with … READ MORE