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Art Series Hotel – Which Warhol? Competition

In a market cluttered with advertisements, it is hard for businesses to stand out from the crowd. The Art Series Hotel managed to get the attention of art lovers by daring patrons to steal two Banksy paintings from their hotel last year. We thought that it was … READ MORE


Supreme x VANS “Campbell’s Soup” Collection | Available Now

Andy Warhol once presciently observed “Good business is the best art.” It’s a notion that’s especially trenchant when applied to the latest Supreme x Vans collection, a partnership that always makes for good commerce. The footwear range is made up of a trio of classic Vans models … READ MORE


Supreme x Campbell’s Soup – T-Shirt + Snapback Caps | Available Now

The day we’ve been telling you about since March is finally here: the Supreme x Campbell’s Soup T-Shirt and Snapback Caps have finally hit Supreme stores in New York, L.A., and London. Every piece of the collection, including the collab with VANS on the SK8-Hi, Era, and Half … READ MORE

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Supreme x VANS “Campbell’s Soup” Collection

While the Campbell’s Soup label has been part of the American landscape for over 100 years, it wasn’t until Andy Warhol‘s work in the 1960’s and 70’s that the brand’s image became deeply ingrained into the psyche of the American consumer. Two more modern, but equally respected U.S. brands, … READ MORE


FABRICK x Andy Warhol x Karimoku – Camouflage Seats

Wood furniture manufacturing company Karimoku has been the go to company for MEDICOM TOY when they needed wooden products. Now the pair are working together again on a range of furniture, wooden seats to be exact. To spice up the natural wood seating, camouflage pattern artwork from … READ MORE


Supreme x VANS “Campbell’s Soup” Collection – SK8-Hi + Era + Half Cab

Forever an American icon thanks to artist Andy Warhol, the Campbell’s Soup motif will become part of the popular conversation once again thanks in part to Supreme and VANS. Later this year, the trio will be releasing their latest renditions, in the forms of VANS SK8-Hi, Era … READ MORE


Andy Warhol x Incase – Spring 2012

Incase presents the Spring 2012 installment of the Andy Warhol collection, featuring a range of bags and cases for the MacBook and iPhone finished with some of the pop artist’s most iconic designs. The most instantly recognizable print features the Marilyn Monroe silkscreen, which equated celebrity to … READ MORE


Andy Warhol x Incase – New Snap Case Collection

Andy Warhol made art about pop culture and in return Warhol and his artworks have become part of popular culture now. Although many of are unable to acquire his paintings, Incase has certainly made it easier to accessorize your gadgets with his works. Five new snap case … READ MORE


Andy Warhol x Incase Collection – Series 2

Incase and the Andy Warhol Foundation have partnered once again to release the second Incase for Andy Warhol Collection. This assortment highlights Warhol’s artistic range in a variety of mediums: silkscreening (Elvis, Advertisements), film (Empire), and hand-drawing (Telephone, Do It Yourself Flowers). A collage made from Warhol’s … READ MORE


BMW Art Car Collection – Virtual Internet Tour | Video

Cars, by their mere shapes, sing to our primal desire of speed and excitement. With the addition of works by leading artists of their generation, however, put each into another context, one of cultural significant and of transformative value. Such were the goals set by BMW when … READ MORE


Andy Warhol x Incase – Collection Launch | Event Recap

When Andy Warhol‘s spirit beckons, it is almost certain every creative types in New York City are in the mood to party. So how it all started at SoHo’s Openhouse Gallery last evenings as Incase officially inaugurated its Andy Warhol Collection. Among the notable in attendance were … READ MORE