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Angry Birds Star Wars – November 8th, 2012 | Confirmed

Ahead of this afternoon’s Columbus Day Parade in New York City, representatives from game maker ROVIO and LUCASfilm arrived at Toys”R”Us Times Square flagship store to announced Angry Birds Star Wars, the next iteration to the popular video game franchise. Already beloved by millions around the world, … READ MORE


Star Wars x Angry Birds | Teaser

The Red Planet just wasn’t enough… After its conquest of the Martian surface with Angry Birds Space, our moody avian friends are going into deep space this weekend. The scenario, however, will not be just another battle against their typical ravenous opponents, the green pigs. Rather, it … READ MORE


Bad Piggies – Next Chapter In The Angry Birds Saga | Available Now

The war between pigs and birds has been one-sided “till this morning… Introducing Bad Piggies, the next chapter in the Angry Birds saga by game maker ROVIO. In a slower gameplay sequence, players will direct pigs, in the same sickly green color, to construct odd vehicles out … READ MORE

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Angry Birds Remote Control Helicopter

No, you’re not dreaming. You are really looking at an Angry Birds Remote Control Helicopter, built using – understandably – impact resistant plastic shaped to look like your favorite feathered friend from ┬áthe addicting game. While we’re not suggesting you use this helicopter to crash into obstacles … READ MORE


Playing Angry Bird With A Real Slingshot

If you count yourself as one of the people who contributed to making Angry Birds the most downloaded mobile app of 2011 (more than 700 million downloads and counting) you might be interested in an interactive companion app, though it’s one you won’t be able to simply … READ MORE


Angry Birds Space – “One Small Fling For A Bird, One Quantum Leap For Birdkind”

A game of truly epic proportion, Angry Birds will start its ascend onto a grander conquest of the final frontier – space. Not just as a sequel to temperamental birds with suicidal tendencies, Angry Birds Space will feature new game engine for “zero gravity” and “lightspeed destruction” … READ MORE


T-Mobile – Angry Birds Live | Video

While talk show host Conan O’Brien can lay claim to the one popularize Angry Birds among his late night audience, T-Mobile can take credit for bring the highly addictive video game to the masses. For its ongoing “Life is for Sharing” marketing campaign, the wireless service provider … READ MORE


Angry Birds – Google Chrome Browser Version | Available Now

Keynote address, breakout sessions, developer “sandbox”… day 2 of Google I/O conference went on pretty much like day 1 or any other tech fest – heavy on jargons, weak on excitement. That was till Peter Vesterbacka of ROVIO Mobile went on stage as “red bird” from the … READ MORE


Angry Birds – Likability Of Angry Birds Graph

Like our 50 million fellow compatriots, we’re addicted to that mercurial flock with suicidal tendencies on Angry Birds. So addicted in fact, it quickly overtook that Oxycodone-meth concoction we found on the back alleyways of Canal Street. But who’s your favorite weapon of choice in annihilating the … READ MORE


Angry Birds – The Animated Series?

The world’s most popular, if not addictive, app game might join LeBron James soon. As hinted by CEO Mikael Hed of game developer ROVIO, the Angry Birds phenomenon maybe coming to a television station near you. In a recent chat with UK’s C21media.net, Hed stipulated new areas … READ MORE