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Ten One Design – Magnus iPad 2 Stand

If you’ve been looking for a stand as sleek and compact as the Apple iPad itself, let me introduce you to the Magnus iPad 2 Stand designed by Ten One Design. Using the same internal magnets built into the Apple iPad 2, the Magnus secures your device … READ MORE


Gucci Apple iPad 2 Silicone Cover

In addition to new apps that appear on a daily basis, the popularity of Apple’s products have resulted in a cottage industry around accessories as well, some bearing the cachet of high-end designer labels. A prime example is this iPad 2 cover from Italian fashion house Gucci. … READ MORE


ROAD Inc. – The Definitive Guide On Classic Cars | Apple iPad App

Pyrolia introduces Road Inc., an iPad application designed exclusively for classic car enthusiasts that’s equal parts museum, coffee table book and documentary film all rolled into one. The experience is interactive and immersive, with extensive content, an intuitive, fluid interface and stunning digital imagery. The Road Inc. … READ MORE


Incase – Leather iPad 2 Case

The casual aesthetics of the basic iPad 2 cases from Incase have been revamped for a much more premium feel. The Leather Portfolio and Leather Book Jacket Select are their popular cases, and the outer material has been upgraded with genuine leather materials. Each hide is bathed … READ MORE


IPEVO – Chopstakes – Pair of Multitouch Styli for Apple iPad

Operating under the premise that two must be better than one, IPEVO presents their Chopstakes — a pair of styli that resemble, as the name suggests, the type  of silverware found in a sushi restaurant. Except you’ll be using these for drawing apps or multi-touch game play … READ MORE


IPEVO – Typi Folio Case + Wireless Keyboard for Apple iPad 2

It all started when industrial designers at IPEVO realized the potential market for intuitively designed peripherals and communication devices for Skype. Several Red Dot, iF, ID, and the occasional Engadget awards later, IPEVO is moving on to the next tech sensation, the Apple iPad, with its Typi … READ MORE


SPACE INVADERS by Case Scenario

High tech meets low in this collection by Case Scenario featuring the pixilated aliens from the classic ’80s video game Space Invaders.  Featuring cases for iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPod Touch and MacBook pro, the assortment is made up of hard-shell snap-on cases decorated with advanced in-mold … READ MORE


CLOT x James Jarvis – Coca-Cola 125th Anniversary Collection | Hong Kong

“I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony…” the 1971 commercial jingle bears a semblance this year as the world celebrates 125th anniversary of Coca-Cola. In Hong Kong, the initiative by creative agency CLOT and British artist James Jarvis, with contributions from Casio, Native, … READ MORE


ColorWare – iPad 2 Design Options

There is no need to adjust your monitor, you are indeed looking at a yellow Apple iPad 2. In the need of a gifting idea that is out of the ordinary?  ColorWare might just able to help.  The Minnesota-base customization company announced its new design options for … READ MORE


Freshness Week In Review: 2/27/2011 3/06/2011

The focus this week depends a bit on perspective; there were a number of notable announcements, spanning a number of themes. For the Cult of Mac, the biggest event this week was obviously Tuesday’s unveiling of the iPad 2, by Steve Jobs, who came off a leave … READ MORE


Apple iPad 2 – Announcement Event | Video

A frail Steve Jobs made a surprise appearance on stage to a standing ovation yesterday morning , thus kicked off the event many around the world waited for the unveiling of Apple iPad 2. Though currently on medical leave, Jobs, in his typical black turtleneck and washed … READ MORE