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Apple iPad 2 Smart Covers

Needless to say, Apple is by far the most prolific company when it comes to electronic designs and form factors the consumers easily identify with. This is not true when it comes to Apple‘s attempts in accessories and peripherals (Remember the “socks” for your iPod? Or the … READ MORE


Apple iPad 2 – How Does The iPad 2 Compare To The Tablet Competition?

Even before most tech reviewers and fans feel out the new Apple iPad 2, graphic artist Kelli Shaver and journalist Christina Warren at Mashable already dished out the nitty gritty on the new tablet and its nearest competitors. While it is a bit difficult to tell who … READ MORE


Apple iPad 2 Announced

The device that launched the “Post-PC Revolution” just gotten an overhaul this morning as Apple announced the much-anticipated iPad 2.  With a surprise appearance by Steve Jobs himself, who is still on medical leave, the new variant is leaner, faster, and whole lot robust.  First, the form … READ MORE