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ColorWare – iPad 2 Design Options

There is no need to adjust your monitor, you are indeed looking at a yellow Apple iPad 2. In the need of a gifting idea that is out of the ordinary?  ColorWare might just able to help.  The Minnesota-base customization company announced its new design options for … READ MORE


Dickies – Love Your Work | Apple iPad App

An interactive editorial with a penchant on creative types, Dickies’ Love Your Work follows key players from street fashion, photography, music, and sport. Some are well known, like Stussy‘ Creaitve Director Paul Mittleman, while others are local heroes, as in the case of Michael Kopelman and Andrew … READ MORE


Freshness Week In Review: 2/27/2011 3/06/2011

The focus this week depends a bit on perspective; there were a number of notable announcements, spanning a number of themes. For the Cult of Mac, the biggest event this week was obviously Tuesday’s unveiling of the iPad 2, by Steve Jobs, who came off a leave … READ MORE


Apple iPad 2 Announced

The device that launched the “Post-PC Revolution” just gotten an overhaul this morning as Apple announced the much-anticipated iPad 2.  With a surprise appearance by Steve Jobs himself, who is still on medical leave, the new variant is leaner, faster, and whole lot robust.  First, the form … READ MORE


Factus Design – iPhone & iPad Metal Gear Cases

Japanese studio Factus Design originated from designing and manufacturing watches and soon after their ideas spilled over to other high quality products. With precision as their key design philosophy Factus Design en devour to push the envelope by utilizing wide range of metals from steel, aluminum, titanium, … READ MORE


Freshness Week In Review: 2/21/2011 2/27/2011

Two weeks ago, it was all about Fashion Week’s haute couture and the basketball hoopla of All Star Weekend. This week, the shoe focus was on off-court models, and fashion came back to street level: we saw lookbook updates and videos from some of the main players … READ MORE


Angry Birds – Likability Of Angry Birds Graph

Like our 50 million fellow compatriots, we’re addicted to that mercurial flock with suicidal tendencies on Angry Birds. So addicted in fact, it quickly overtook that Oxycodone-meth concoction we found on the back alleyways of Canal Street. But who’s your favorite weapon of choice in annihilating the … READ MORE


Apple iPad 2 Confirmed Announcement On March 2nd

Coming straight from the wire, its official, Apple will unveil the next iPad, dubbed as the Apple iPad 2, next Wednesday, March 2nd, in San Francisco. Though the infamously secretive Apple execs are keeping all the details under wrap, gathered from the leaks and speculations available, the … READ MORE

Apple iPad 2 – Possible Announcement On March 2nd

Like kids in front of a candy store, every member of the Apple Cult been savoring what little morsel of information the company’s willing to leak out for its Apple iPad replacement. The wait might be end next week. Several leading tech and gadget reporters received a … READ MORE

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Stussy – SS-Link iPad Case

In following with its successful series of cases for Apple iPhone, Stussy is issuing a larger variants of them now for Apple iPad. In the same durable plastic construct with minute texture for grip, the Stussy SS-Link iPad Case features a double-sided logo imprints, a contemporary Stussy … READ MORE


Angry Birds – The Animated Series?

The world’s most popular, if not addictive, app game might join LeBron James soon. As hinted by CEO Mikael Hed of game developer ROVIO, the Angry Birds phenomenon maybe coming to a television station near you. In a recent chat with UK’s C21media.net, Hed stipulated new areas … READ MORE