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Could This Be How The New Apple iPad 2 Will Look Like?

To best illustrate the function of their products, accessories manufacturer would often create mockup for electronics yet to be release.  The uncanny resemblances of these mockups are such that they could pass as the “real thing”.  In the ongoing 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) third party … READ MORE


Ten One Design – Fling Tactile Game Controller For iPad

As expected, with the world’s largest electronic trade show, Consumer Electronic Show, better known as CES, about to start. Plenty of gadget makers have already positioned their newest tablet-base device as “The iPad Killer”. While many have proclaimed that particular title, none have really lived up to … READ MORE


Mashable – Apple iPad 2 Rumors: The Comprehensive Guide

In just a few days, 2011 will be upon us.  Now before you decide to take the plunge in the new year and splurge on the latest high-tech gadgets, including the supposed Apple iPad 2.  The folks at tech blog Mashable compiled a rather impressive guide on … READ MORE


Incase x WIRED Magazine – iPad Snap Case

With the iPad blowing up at a rapid pace, the accessories industry for the gadget is lucrative and brands are doing their best to keep up. One magazine that is no stranger to technology and gadgets is the WIRED Magazine and they have teamed up with non … READ MORE


Blackberry Playbook vs Apple iPad – Demo

While it may seem that Blackberry is take a few jabs at Apple and their iPad, it may also be that there is currently no other mass market tablet available. Either way, Blackberry is taking a step forward by comparing their yet to be released Playbook to … READ MORE


Incase – Perforated Collection

Through their Perforated iPhone Snap Case released last year, Incase taught us that perforated means more economical, stylish and lightweight. This year, still feather light, simple and ingenious, Incase brings us a full collection of their redesigned signature Perforated pattern for Apple devices. High quality and carefully … READ MORE


Brenthaven – 5-In-1 iPad Case

Gadget protective case maker, Brenthaven, is taking the iPad to protection and beyond! The new 5-in-1 iPad case, as its name suggests, is not just a carrying case. The new case also doubles as a viewing stand, a typing stand, and can be attached to car seats, … READ MORE


BMW – Connectivity Accessories for iPhone + iPad | Video

Ingenious? Yes. But you really don’t have to go through such great lengths to make using your cellphone and electronic devices while driving safe and legal…and there really is no need to dismantle your grandfather clock to custom affix your iPhone to the steering wheel. As reported … READ MORE

ralph lauren tartan ipad case 2

Ralph Lauren – Tartan Leather iPad Cover

Opinions about the iPad’s status as the top portable web access portal are still mixed. But one thing everyone can agree on is that it provides a fantastic new showcase for a huge number of fashion houses – not with apps, but with cases and covers for … READ MORE

Origami iPad Sleeve Black

Incase Origami Sleeve for iPad

Incase have always been an innovator in the field of bags, accessories and cases and their latest Origami Sleeve for iPad is an interesting design solution for gadget heads. The name derives from the Japanese paper folding art that folds up ordinary paper into simple sculptures and … READ MORE


Apple iPad Now On Verizon

Team Verizon? Or Team AT&T? While the latter might have scored an Apple monopoly for the past few years, the competition heats up between two of US’ largest wireless service providers as the iPad has officially broadened its horizons and jumped ship over to Verizon as well. … READ MORE