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BMW – Connectivity Accessories for iPhone + iPad | Video

Ingenious? Yes. But you really don’t have to go through such great lengths to make using your cellphone and electronic devices while driving safe and legal…and there really is no need to dismantle your grandfather clock to custom affix your iPhone to the steering wheel. As reported … READ MORE

ralph lauren tartan ipad case 2

Ralph Lauren – Tartan Leather iPad Cover

Opinions about the iPad’s status as the top portable web access portal are still mixed. But one thing everyone can agree on is that it provides a fantastic new showcase for a huge number of fashion houses – not with apps, but with cases and covers for … READ MORE

Origami iPad Sleeve Black

Incase Origami Sleeve for iPad

Incase have always been an innovator in the field of bags, accessories and cases and their latest Origami Sleeve for iPad is an interesting design solution for gadget heads. The name derives from the Japanese paper folding art that folds up ordinary paper into simple sculptures and … READ MORE


Apple iPad Now On Verizon

Team Verizon? Or Team AT&T? While the latter might have scored an Apple monopoly for the past few years, the competition heats up between two of US’ largest wireless service providers as the iPad has officially broadened its horizons and jumped ship over to Verizon as well. … READ MORE


hnyee.STAND iPad App

Since the release of the Apple iPad in May of this year, various media outlets have been transforming and updating their content to not only be available on the iPad but also to offer exclusive content specifically for the Apple iPad. Earlier this week we saw the … READ MORE


The New Yorker iPad App

The New Yorker has released their iPad App with a little bit of help from actor, Jason Schwartzman. The app is available now via the iTunes store for free however users will have to pay $4.99 per issue with a new issue being available every Monday. The … READ MORE


BMW – ConnectedDrive System – iPad Docks + iPhone 4 Integration

Forget the tangling wires cramping your style and making a mess in the front seat; forget installing terrible miniature LCD screens in the car with lackluster display, BMW owners can now rejoice at a new integration system, ConnectedDrive, which allows a rather seamless integration of your favorite … READ MORE


The iPad Orchestra | Video

Technology didn’t seem to harmonize with art so well in the past, but recently, when you give people access to technology and internet, some of the most creative and inconceivable projects happen. Sure, we knew that the iPad is know for its countless applications, and there is … READ MORE


Padfoot iPad Stand

There are a few problems with iPad stands– sometimes they are too bulky, and sometimes, when without the bulk, it is just not stable enough. Michel Cornelissen, the man who brought us the iPod Shuffle Necklace, has once again returned to tackle another Apple product with new … READ MORE


Psychic Factory – iPad DJ Station

We already know there are many functions for your iPad, and most of them are thanks to the genius application developers out there. Psychic Factory though has taken the iPad applications one step up and created an iPad DJ Station. This concept creation is complete with mixers, … READ MORE


Sanho Hypermac iPad Battery Stand

Charge your iPad without compromising its posture for proud display? California’s SANHO has been manufacturing batteries for Apple products, and has recently released the Hypermac iPad Charging Station.