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Apple iPhone 4 – Unlocked Version (GSM) | Available Now

In the name of market economy, wireless users in the U.S. have fallen behind in comparison to their European and Asian peers. This is especially true when it comes to unlocked handsets, where users can switch from one service provider to another with ease, sometime as simple … READ MORE


Kogeto Dot – Panoramic Add-On Lens For Apple iPhone

Though this isn’t the first Apple iPhone attachment which allows you to take panoramic images and/or videos, its simple form factor is what sets Dot apart from the rest. Previewed at the start of TechCrunch Disrupt conference today, Dot from New York start-up Kogeto offers an affordable … READ MORE


CLOT x James Jarvis – Coca-Cola 125th Anniversary Collection | Hong Kong

“I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony…” the 1971 commercial jingle bears a semblance this year as the world celebrates 125th anniversary of Coca-Cola. In Hong Kong, the initiative by creative agency CLOT and British artist James Jarvis, with contributions from Casio, Native, … READ MORE


Olivier Meynard – Turntable iPhone Dock Concept

iPhone dock with a turntable as an option been around for sometimes already, at least that availability been limited to the professional circuit only. Not if industrial designer Olivier Meynard get his creation out on the market. Clad in reconstituted wood, Meynard’s Turntable iPhone Dock merges both … READ MORE


Apple iPhone 4 – White | Finally Available!!!

The announcement took place yesterday though after so many “false alarms”, there was really a need to see it in order to believe it. The verdict? Unlike the fabled Loch Ness Monster, the White Apple iPhone 4 really do exist! And it is available right now at … READ MORE


BLACK Design Associates – Leica i9 Concept Camera For Apple iPhone 4

With “Compliment without Compromise” as its design philosophy, BLACK Design Associates, a product development firm, made an effort in seamlessly merging of attributes not found elsewhere but on the Apple iPhone 4 and Leica camera system. What they came away with was the Leica i9 Concept Camera, … READ MORE


ELEMENT CASE – Vapor Pro Case For iPhone 4

At a cost of $150.00, this maybe the most costly protective case for Apple iPhone 4 that isn’t bejeweled or gold plated. Introducing the Vapor Pro from ELEMENT CASE, the same company that created the ingenious Joule Stand for Apple iPad. Machined from real aerospace-spec carbon fiber … READ MORE


grove x mapleXO – Skateboard iPhone 4 case

Green solutions are on many people’s minds and the product designers of today’s generation may be the most conscious of environmental consequences caused by their profession and industry. Skateboards are often thrown away after its broken and now these maple wood can be recycled with a new … READ MORE


Oakley O-MATTER Case For Apple iPhone 4

You sat down while not knowing your new iPhone 4 is in your back pocket… crunch, screams laden with profanities, followed by soft sobs, a situation we all are too familiar with. Maybe you should look into protecting your new investment with the O-MATTER Case from Oakley. … READ MORE