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Freshness Week In Review: 11/15/2010 – 11/19/2010

As of last week, tech companies are having a hey day (or rather, a hey week) with a rattle of new initiatives designed and promised to change our lives. First, Google decides that talk, mail and search will no long be sufficient in its quest for power … READ MORE


White iPhone 4 Now!!! – White DIY Conversion Kit For Regular iPhone 4

White iPhone 4 Now!!! – White DIY Conversion Kit For Regular iPhone 4 By A 17-Year Old Staten Island has the best view of Lady Liberty. Manhattan is the capital of the financial world. The Bronx is home to the New York Yankees. And Brooklyn is the … READ MORE


Incase – Perforated Collection

Through their Perforated iPhone Snap Case released last year, Incase taught us that perforated means more economical, stylish and lightweight. This year, still feather light, simple and ingenious, Incase brings us a full collection of their redesigned signature Perforated pattern for Apple devices. High quality and carefully … READ MORE

futura pointman iphone case summary

FUTURA LABORATORIES – El Pointman iPhone 4 Case

FUTURA fans who want to show their affinity through an iPhone 4 case will soon have one more option. We recently covered the “ICONOGRAPHY” iPhone 4 case, featuring designs by the O.G. graffiti artist, and now we have a preview of another iPhone case bearing his artwork. … READ MORE


FUTURA LABORATORIES Iconography – Air Jacket For iPhone 4

Futura 2000’s Iconography artwork, which notably appeared on a bike created for Lance Armstrong, now comes to a case for the iPhone 4. Available from Futura Laboratories, the Air Jacket for iPhone 4 has a very sleek profile, and is available in either solid black, or clear/black. … READ MORE


Star Wars Augmented Reality – TIE Fighters Attack NYC | Video

TIE Fighters taking down the Empire State building? No, this is not a drill, this is a new soon-to-be-released augmented reality game, the Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Runner. Here is the early test footage, featuring the game on an iPhone, played against the New York City backdrop. … READ MORE


Giorgio Armani x Softbank – iPad + iPhone Cases

Giorgio Armani had teamed up with Japanese cellular provider, Softbank, to create a collection of premium leather iPad and iPhone 4 case for the new gadgets in Japan, introducing gadgets to fine Italian leather luxury. The collection will include several embossed leather iPad cases that can be … READ MORE


Hype Means Nothing – iPhone 4 Case

Paris is burning hype, thanks to the new chic and rebellious label, Hype Means Nothing, celebrities donning “hand glasses” is now an ubiquitous and coveted image that comments on popular culture and hype. The iconic stacked collage of celebrities ranging from Beyonce to Brit-Brit, from the sponge … READ MORE


Incase – Ping Pong iPhone Protective Covers

Whether you love to play ping pong or are just looking for something different, Incase are proud to release the Ping Pong iPhone 4 Protective Cover that is distinctly unique. Die hard ping pong players will no doubt go for the red color without any hesitation, however … READ MORE


Apple Delays White iPhone 4 and Rumored To Cancel White iPhone 4 Entirely

If there is an entertainment equivalent, the saga of the Apple White iPhone 4 release is almost like an insatiable terrible day-time drama with a cliff hanger at the end of every episode. As rumors sprout in healthy abundance, everyone seems to have developed their own theories … READ MORE


Mophie – iPhone 4 Juice Pack Air

Despite the Antennagate and Glassgate saga revolving around the iPhone 4, lovers of the new Apple gadget stay loyal for a slimmer look, a faster processor and a longer battery life. Though, there still comes a time when battery does run out and charging is simply not … READ MORE