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Apple iPhone 4 Antenn-aid

Whether you believe the iPhone 4′s blatant antenna problem is a scam to make twenty-some dollars from each owner, or that it is a simple glitch that the entire iPhone 4 team managed to overlook before launching the product, for those who are unwilling to succumb to … READ MORE


Incase – iPhone 4 Accessories | Coming Soon

The headline splashed across most technology section tooday dealt another blow to Apple as the accredited Consumer Reports published a damaging review against the iPhone 4. Still, that hasn’t stopped the company’s long time supporter, accessory maker Incase, from announcing its latest accompaniments to the device. To … READ MORE


iPhone 4 Release | iPhrenzy Lives On

If one walked by an Apple store or a Best Buy yesterday morning on the way the work, the convolution of lines snaking along outside the stores would have come as no surprise, since it is quite impossible to not know that yesterday was the release of … READ MORE